delta express?


Earning My Ears
Feb 24, 2001
just wondering anyone flown delta express out of jfk in new york. we are leaving the 28th of jan and was wondering the difference between them and regular delta. thanks
we have gone delta express when they were in islip, and now we are going in january too out of jfk. I think the only difference is delta express planes are smaller, 20 rows or a 737 i think. Don't quote me thought!
I think another difference is that Delta Express does not require a Sat. Nite stay for its rates.
Delta Express is also all one-class. Regular Delta has a first class section.

We have flown Delta Express out of Newark. They are fine but they do cancel flights so you have to keep checking their web site, and make sure they have a phone number on file to call you if there is a last minute change. One time they called us at 3:30AM to tell us our flight for the morning was cancelled. They told us that if we drove to Newark, they would give us taxi money to go to Laguardia. The taxi ride at 8:30AM took almost 1 1/2 hours and we will not do that again. We are using them again in February.


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