deembarkation ? please :)


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Jun 26, 2000
I searched through quiet a few pages & just couldn't find what I was looking for. I am doing 4 nite Wonder in August & am wondering what time you actually disembark the ship. I need to know so I can plan my stay @the HRH accordingly. I have no idea what time to say I could possibly be arriving @HRH. Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA Kathy :wave:
We had late seating (so late breakfast) and we got off the ship around 9-9:30. We were at the airport by 10:30.
Thanks Lynn, I appreciate your prompt reply. I guess I'll be off the ship fairly early as we have Main Seating. At least I know that will be an early arrival day @HRH. Once again, Thank-you! Kathy ;)
Actually, your seating time doesn't matter. Even if you have late seating, you can skip your scheduled breakfast and eat at the buffet or not eat at all if you want to leave the ship early. That is one of my favorite things about leave whenever you want to. On Royal Caribbean, you cannot leave until your luggage tag color is called, which can literally be hours. On our RCCL cruises, we learned to sign up for the post-cruise city tours so they HAVE to let us off early. They really need to take a lesson from Disney.
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RCI does need to take some notes from Disney on their embark AND debark. My last cruise with RCI in January, my friend almost got into a fist fight with a porter before we even got on the ship! And, this was his first cruise. He wanted to turn around and go home before we even got on the ship!!! And this was also after someone backed into our car and never even got out to check for damage. Amazing! You would think that they (RCI) would have it down pat after so many years and so many ships....but I still get so stressed at finding my luggage at debark, unbelievable, from the time I step off the ship to the time I am to my car can be anywhere from 45min to 1 1/2 hours!!!

Anyway with Disney - it is VERY smooth and you can get off the ship right after breakfast. If driving back to Orlando --HRH assuming is the Hard Rock Hotel, you can probably plan to be there by 10am, or so.

Just as an FYI it is not de-embarkation it is just debarkation.


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