Decision Time - QUICK!!!

Bill Seattle

Nov 24, 1999
I need to invest in a Hopper pass for two people as we go to Disney every year. I only go to WDW about 3 days during the trip so maybe I could cut it to two with one water park (and a shopping pass) and get 3 years from one 7 Day Park Hopper Plus. The new rates are about to begin so please help me decide ASAP. What IS the best value for me...
Feel free to ask questions.
(I usually attend Pleasure Island but would rather pay the $16 and save the Plus features for the $31 water parks/Disney Quest...right??)
Gosh, it really sounds like you know how to get your Pass's worth! :D
In My Honest Opinion (IMHO) if you really can go and just go into the parks 2 days (DH and I did that on our last trip without kids - we were able to hit all 4 parks and do just what we wanted to do) and a water park per trip, then I would say that the 7 day hopper is for you. You would have a pass that lasts you 3 years with an extra Plus Option to spare. And you are correct - don't use your Plus Option for PI if you are going to go to a water park as well. Your Option has much better value at the water park. (Great Budget thinking!!! :D )
Hope that this helps... :)

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I don't think the "plus" feature covers Disney Quest - unless things have changed.

Dumb Question. We are buying 5 day passes when we go again in 2002. Can you add on the add'l days there or how do you do it? We don't want the Plus passes-we can go to waterparks in Wisc Dells if we want to.


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7 day park hopper plus is 42$ a day for parks but when u look at the cost of the water parks.....that is 30$+ per day so your total cost per day would be much less taking that into account....11 days of disney magic for the 291 price......

7 day park hopper is definately the best value now....

pity the poor canadian who think they are getting a deal with park hopper "at par" NOT.....

they take the USD amount at CAA (like AAA in the states)......add on exchange....get a CDN price .....give you half off on the second is the kicker....the pass expires on April 30th so anything not used....vaporizes......w

we decided on the 7 day but since the web site here was not up .....purchased them from floridatravelonline......the rates were as if you bought from disney using the disney club discount.....kudos to pete for offering those who do not have the "disney club" ....the same discount for tickets...
Went to AAA and after a few minutes of thought I bought the 7 day pass for $296 - $5 more per ticket than online but I got the tickets in hand.

Had to put it on the old credit card :eek:
You know those options are down about 50 billion dollars (just kidding) :D

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