December Universal/IOA Trip Pt. II


Earning My Ears
Jan 20, 2001
Here with a little more specifics on our IOA/Universal trip.

We visited Islands of Adventure on December 12th and the park was not that crowded. The longest wait we had for any ride was around 10 minutes for Dr Doom. We started our day by first trying the Incredible Hulk coaster. Be prepared for a great ride on one of the best coasters on the East coast. Next up was Spiderman. This was without a doubt, the best ride at IOA. Take your time (if you can) as you walk through the que line and look at all the details of the newspaper office. For the ride itself, you board a car which holds 12 passengers for your 3D trip through the city. The 3D effects are very realistic, but nothing to scare the younger ones.
Next up was Doctor Dooms' Freefall. While the sudden "drop" is an exciting feeling, the ride itself is very short and if you have to wait more than 15 minutes, you might want to reconsider and try again later.

Toon Lagoon was our next stop in the morning. In Toon Lagoon there are only 2 rides (and 1 walk-through, Me Ship, The Olive). Don't miss Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls. Although it doesn't have the visual experience like Splash Mountain, it is a fun flume ride for all, and one you will get wet on. At the time of our visit, Popeyes and Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges didn't open until 11:00AM (assume this is just during the off-season). Again another ride your guaranteed to get wet on.
As you head around the lagoon, next is Jurassic Park and one more chance to get drenched. The Jurassic Park River Adventure has great special effects but might scare younger children and the drop to escape from T-rex just might get the adults as well. Also in Jurassic Park is Camp Jurassic and Triceritops Encounter, which is a great place for the younger (children) crowd and a good place for their parents to take a break.
As I mentioned in my other posting. Visit the Thunder Falls Terrace for lunch as you won't be disappointed.

More later (hopefully).


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