DDP for partial days of your visit??

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by reynm7v0, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. reynm7v0

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    Feb 20, 2012
    My question is do you have to book the dining plan for every day that you are booked in the room, including your arrival and departure day or can you specify how many days you would like the dining plan for? We will not need any meals for arrival or departure days so I was curious. thanks!
  2. sharonabe

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    May 22, 2009
    DDP are based on the number of NIGHTS you spend in the resort. So if you're staying 4 nights, you each get 4 TS, 4 QS, and 4 snacks on the regular plan. You can use those credits however/whenever you want on the days you are there. If you want to do two TS meals in one day, you can. If you want to do three CS meals in one day, you can.

    BUT you must get the DDP for EVERY night you stay.
  3. mickeynut1

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    Apr 16, 2007
    This is correct. If you want the DDP, it must be for the entire time. Some people do a split stay if they don't want the DDP for their whole trip, but that entails booking a package for the nights you want the plan and booking room only for those nights that you don't. As this poster has stated, you can use the credits anyway you want and any that are left over are good until midnight of the day you check out.

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