DDE office closed on Monday?


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Mar 19, 2004
Does anyone know if the DDE office is likely to be closed Monday? I'll be upgrading my MYW ticket to an AP on Monday when we arrive and had hoped to order the DDE card for pick up at Epcot. I may have to pay full price until Tuesday. :sad2:



DIS Veteran
Jun 3, 2000
I know most offices are. All you can do is try.

Last night I was at the inside Guest Services trying to (for the 4th time) pick up my MNSSHP ticket (what a mess).
After awhile I overheard them talk about a department I miught have to call. That office was closed then, and they were debating if they were open Sunday and/or Monday.
Luckily my problem was FINALLY straightened out and I don't have to follow up once again.

So even Guest Services does not seem to know what offices will and will not be open. I think those that are open will at least be running short staff.


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