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Dec 20, 2012
Hi! I have applied for the DCP twice and was rejected both times, once was due to a high volume I was warned mine may not even be looked at, and another I was just denied. Yesterday, I applied and immediately got tge "high volume of apps" notification... but then a few minutes later received an email that I qualified for an online/virtual interview, which I did, then was prompted to schedule my phone interview.

I just picked my phone interview (nervous) for Tuesday. But, I wanted to attend a DCP Character Audition this week... How soon will I find out if i'm accepted? Im trying to decide if the 5+ hour trip and skipping my classes for that day is worth it. Thanks!


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Jul 31, 2018
Hey! Congrats on getting put through and scheduling the phone interview. So exciting!!
I know acceptances vary highly when applying to the DCP. Some people have such a quick process while others wait weeks upon months. When I applied this time last year, I applied on the VERY LAST DAY. Heard radio silence for a bit, finally took the online interview, scheduled my PI for the following week and then got accepted in the first 'wave' after my PI...which only was about 4 days later. (You can look on Twitter accounts to see what day a 'wave' is happening and for generally which roles) But I think I just got lucky. All the Facebook groups I was a part of a lot of people were saying how they weren't even past the initial application and they applied right when applications dropped. So it really depends.

I also will say that after your PI (which I guess you already had now that i'm answering on thursday?!?!) even if you don't hear back right away that doesn't mean you eventually won't.

No news is sometimes good news!!

Good luck!


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May 2, 2002
My dd applied on the first day apps dropped back in Jan '16. She got her WI right away, then booked her PI for the next week. She finally got word that she was accepted in late Feb. She had already decided to go to NYC to do a DCP audition in March. She was lucky in that she already knew she was doing DCP when she auditioned, and surprisingly, made it almost to face character auditions. So, out of nearly 300 people, she made it to the final 30 or so...she was there for about 5.5 hrs that day...didn't get chosen but felt it was worthwhile. She didn't thing she would get taken due to her height...she's 5'10''.
But, the majority of kids there hadn't heard back from Disney yet, so they had no idea if they were going to be part of DCP! If my dd had been chosen for character work, Disney people would have changed her assignment to entertainment. If you haven't been accepted yet, you stand just as good a shot of being taken as those who have been accepted already. They tend to wait until all auditions have been held, throughout the country, before notifying those they have chosen. So, if you really want to audition, go ahead and give it a shot. As my dd will tell you, every time you audition for something, you learn something. It's never a waste.


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