Day Two ----- EE ROCKS! or Man am I getting old?

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    Aug 20, 2000
    We are me - 39, old as can be, tired, needing a vacation badly.
    DH - 46, patient, older than me. Needing a vacation too!

    Day Two:
    When I'm on vacation I don't wear my watch. My DH does so we don't need me to be tied down to time. Because of some of the complaints I read before our trip about problems with our hotel and wake up calls and the clock radio, I decided I'd just get up when I did and hope we'd make it to early entry. I am normally a morning person anyway. I just have to harass DH out of bed.
    So I get up, shower, harass my DH out of bed, and we're off to Disneyland. I have so been looking forward to this to compare DL to WDW since our last trip.
    I have to do Space Mountain, first thing. Have to. It's tradition. So we have to ask where it is, as I've forgotten, and I can't, for the life of me, figure out the maps!! They must have changed. And I figure out when we finally get to Space that I was going the right direction, they just changed the que. And My goodness...that que is long. I am so exhausted by the time we get to the ride I am HAPPY to sit down and be thrown all over the place. I like Space at DL because it's a two seater so I can sit next to DH and he can hear me scream. I want to do Space again, but I'm too tired to walk that whole que again.
    Can I just say, I LOVE early entry. I never knew what early entry was until about 1-1/2 years ago when I was planning our first WDW trip. I knew about "Magic Morning" but thought of it as breakfast with the characters. Didn't really associate it with getting on rides with no wait and no fastpass.
    Because I'm so exhausted from Space, I decide we should go to Tomorrowland Terrace for breakfast. DH is hungry. I have fond memories of character breakfasts with nephews at the Terrace. I was kinda disappointed that there were no characters there. We get breakfast. DH gets two. I enjoy. He's searching everywhere for a local paper to read while I eat and want to go on rides.
    I finally get him to finish. I want to go on Star Tours. Another sitting ride so I can rest from the Space que.
    It's great, no wait. As fun as I remember.
    DH has to find a restroom. I decide I want to ride Alice. I haven't ever. I go by myself. Cute cute cute. I wait outside by the bathroom for him. And who comes out but Buzz Lightyear.... What a treat. DH didn't even see him when he came out of the restroom!!
    We go ride Matterhorn. Once on each side. The left side is better, we decide. Again no line. We head over to Main Street to get to Splash. We see the people waiting for the rope to drop...once again I am thankful for early entry. We head over to Splash and stop for some popcorn - am I really hungry again??? And on to Splash...
    Now, last trip to WDW we went on Splash probably 20 times. Many times on the E night, lots of early entries. So I got to know the theming pretty well. I was looking forward to it again. Welllll...I was so disappointed. Aside from the fact that the seating is yucky, the theming was not as nice. The drop seems longer though. DH and I did not sit together. He likes to tickle and I was NOT in the mood to be tickled, so we had our own seats. I did enjoy the ride...and found my laughin place.
    We headed over to Indy - great ride. DH had never been on it. I had. I'm glad I didn't tell him any of the details about the ride because I didn't want to ruin the surprises in store for him. I just told him it was kinda like Dinosaur at AK. So we went on that two pass galore. Again, a huge que, but not as much uphill as Space. I am really feelin my age now. My knees are creekin, my feet are achin, but I gotta do the ride! It was better than I remembered it! The spears were great. All of the effects were wonderful. Awesome ride.
    We decide to do the Jungle Cruise in between our fastpasses. I have only been on it once. We had Matt as our tour guide. He was a hoot! Then back to Indy.
    After Indy, we're hungry again. We did look through the shops a little first! But I spot the Bengal Bar-b-que which I had read about it on the DIS. I don't remember if it got a good or bad rating. So I get chicken and veggies. DH gets a cinnamon snake. The veggies were good, but a bit flavorless. The chicken was good, although only three small pieces. After we ate, I did have some kind of food allergy, I think to the sauce on the chicken. I never know what I'm going to be allergic to - it's never severe. But I get a rash on the roof of my mouth and sneeeeeezeeee repeatedly. Not a pretty sight... lol
    So we're off to the next attraction.
    We do Haunted Mansion. I'm not sure if I like it better at DL or WDW. It seems about the same.
    After cruising through some of the shops, we're back to the hotel to go to dinner with a couple of DH's friends whom I've never met. I'm anxious about this meeting as this is a long time friend of DH and I'm feeling a little grungy and bloated, etc., etc. I guess eating so much and hanging out in DL will do that to you. lol.
    We head off to dinner at ClaimJumper. Another great Southern California restaurant.
    We had a blast. Did not get back to DL that night, although I wanted to. Back to the hotel for the evening until our next day's adventures....
    Stay tuned for unexpected adventures with....

    cuter - 39, works for and with abused children; DH 46 - school police detective.
    WE'RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND! 3-11-01 to 3-15-01
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    Jan 6, 2000
    Thanks so much for posting this. DL trip reports are hard to come by, and we will be there next week. Fun to read what fun we are going to have.
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    A fun filled day was enjoyed by the 2 of you. Thanks for posting!

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