Day Six: Whobilation and we meet a MANLY MAN

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    Day Six, Nov. 22

    Trying to be early to Universal today we're up and out by 7:30 am. (After the kids lok at their goodies for today) As we are leaving the condo I ask my DS if he has his pass from Monday (we had purchased two day tickets). He can't find it. We finally locate it in the pocket of the jeans he had been wearing Monday. Which have already gone through the wash. A quick stop at guest services, where the woman who helped us just laughed when I showed the pass to her (apparently this is not an uncommon occurrence), and he is issued a one day park hopper pass to replace the one that was washed out.

    First stop: MEN IN BLACK. COOL. Everyone loved it (except SIL who has problems with things that spin) and rated it much better than Buzz (I know–Walt is turning in his grave). I'm happy to report that "my" team "won". My DS outscored my DH and me and my DH outscored me. Okay–but I look cuter in the picture (LOL).

    Next up: Back to the Future. I of course couldn't ride so I waited (laid down) on a bench to wait for them.

    Then onto E.T. I LOOOVE this ride and never miss a chance to do it. As we were loading into our bicycle I asked the attendant if my ET was working properly and if it wasn't could I ride again. The past two trips we took to USF my ET did not work properly (those of you who have been on this know what I mean). The last trip I rode it FOUR times in a row before my ET worked. I know it's a great ride even without the little dude but I wanted my ET so they let me keep changing bikes until I got one that worked. Apparently he has come home and is now proudly in residence in all of the bikes.

    Then on to T2. My niece does not like noises or the dark so she has never gone into T2. Since I have experienced it numerous times, I always take her and we do just a little special my cool aunt and me thing. (We go to the bakery and share a huge cinnamon roll. We then be sure to use the restroom and wash any traces of what we did off our faces and hands.) We then refuse to tell anyone what we did while they experienced T2. This drives her parents CRAZY to not know what we were up to. We started this tradition about three years ago and I don't see it changing. Anyway, today while we are merrily munchin who should walk in but -----ZENA. My niece is a HUGE Zena fan. (Last time we came to WDW we had to delay returning to the parks until Zena was over on tv. Even though Grandma was at home taping them....) I got a picture of her and Zena and remarked what we really needed was Hercules...because he's such a (deepen your voice here...) MANLY MAN. After our secret snack we left the bakery to do some shopping across the street and lo and behold, there he is OUR MANLY MAN. With no line. No women fighting over him. No kids looking up with hero worship. He was ALL ALONE. But not for long. I gave him a HUGE hug and just started really acting up for my niece–"OOOOO I just LOOOOOOVE your show. You're SOOOOOOO handsome. You are SOOOOOOO strong." and doing all that young girly giggly thing. He was a good sport about it and made a few MANLY poses for the camera. We met up with everyone else outside of T2 and of course they wanted to know what we did. We just laughed and started walking.

    My DS, DH and I were done with USF for the day. My nephew had never been so they wanted to take him on a few more rides and then head over to IOA. We parted ways here and made arrangements to meet later at IOA.

    On the way out of the park I stopped at wheelchair rental to see about an ecv. My neck, back and head were all starting to really give me trouble today. But I just couldn't go through with it. I "look" healthy and was just too embarrassed to be seen in a wheel chair–even an electric one. Onto IOA for the 3 of us.

    At IOA they did Dueling Dragons again and then we stopped to get my son's medallion made. He wanted a silver one, two sided. I paid for his selection and then waited our turn to see it made. These guys really put on a good show while doing their work. They were very entertaining. When they came to my son's they asked about the nobility in his blood since he was getting the silver not the cheaper bronze. During the wait my DH finally bit the bullet and ordered one for himself–but he got bronze. Several remarks were made about how my DS got the higher priced nobility of silver and my DH got the lower end bronze. Of course, my DS is still a student and is student poor so Mom bought his for him. DH paid for his own.

    We spent the rest of our time just strolling around the park, enjoying lots of the street shows in Whoville, and watching the TALKING FOUNTAIN. We found ourselves wandering back to the fountain several times during the day. He is hilarious!!!!!!!!! By far the best "street performer" they have. We also managed to let DH & DS ride the Hulk again (while I of course sat out.) This time, however I did not sit out in vain. While waiting for them (at the baby swap area) I decided to stroll down to the store and look around. On my own I passed a girl about 8 just crying her eyes out. I immediately asked her if she was lost and she cried she couldn't find her sister. I took her by her hand and lead her to the attendant at the baby swap area of the Hulk. Within minutes security had come and gotten her. They were very swift and reassuring. After the Hulk it was time to join up with the rest of our group. We met and decided to go do Poseidon. My brother kept saying he really wasn't impressed with it but my DH and I had never seen it so we wanted to go. This was a great show but we had to STAND through it. Any other time I wouldn't have minded but remember I passed on the wheelchair earlier and was relying on my own steam (which by now is just a little puff). I am sure we will do this one again though.

    After this we again separated as my brother wanted to go back to the condo and cook dinner for us. The plan had been to cook in on Sunday (didn't happen because we didn't get to the grocery store), Monday (didn't happen because we didn't get to the grocery store), and Friday. But he wanted to cook today. So everyone but my DH and I went back to the condo. AHHHHH–alone at last.

    The best times at the parks are when my DH and I are alone and can just wander as we feel like it. Stop and shop, eat and hold hands. Whatever. We strolled back through Whoville, spent some time watching the fountain again, and roamed over to Jurassic Park. We got a pretzel and beer in JP and then kept walking around the park. At Marvel Island we were just in time to catch the parade??? with Capt. America, Superman, Dr. Doom and others I didn't recognize. They came out in vehicles and drove around the street and I think it was Dr. Doom at the end of the parade who had the Super Soaker to end all Super Soakers and was spraying the crowd. This was cute. I took several pictures. We then went to do Dr. Doom's fearfall. I wasn't sure I could ride this but decided since there were no jerks, hills, etc. that I could. It was boring. Tower of Terror is still TOPS IMHO. We then hung out in Whoville some more, did some shopping at Ciytwalk and called it a day.

    On our way home from IOA we had to stop at Dixie Landings. Now, my DH didn't know why we had to stop there—I was really tired and dragging but I insisted we stop. He let me out and I ran in to go to the food court. I bought a refillable mug and took it out to him. I said "Here. I got you another Disney mug." He said he didn't need one and is that why I made such a fuss about getting one? I told him–take a good look at it. The Song of the South characters are on it. YEAH!!!!!!!! Finally something at WDW with SOS on it. SOS stuff is sooo hard to find. He thanked me appropriately and we went on home. Where we discovered:

    The table only set for 6. Seems that sleep 8 condo may sleep 8 but could only feed 6–and that was only if every dish and flatware piece was clean. Ok. So we ate in shifts. I needed to soak in the jacuzzi anyway (this was a nightly ritual for me). Afterwards, I finally remembered to give my niece all of those birthday cards I had hidden away for her and my DH made me go to bed at 8:30 PM. He said I was just too worn out.

    Tomorrow: What are we thankful for? We're together, we're here and WE have a PS.
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    Sounds like ya'll had a great day. Thanks for posting. :)

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    A wonderful day for all. Thanks for posting!

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