Day One and the Night Before...The Bait and Switch and other nightmares.

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    Aug 20, 2000
    We are:
    Me - 39, Disney fan since my first trip in 1991. I never knew what Disney was about until I went in 96 with dear nephews.
    DH - 46. Grew up in Southern California. Trip was HIS idea...surprisingly...because he wanted to see DCA.

    So, I convince my DH on Saturday that we need to go to bed by 8:30 because our flight leaves at 6:30 am and we'll have to leave the house by 5:15 to get coffee and get to the airport. I, of course, am too excited to sleep. I finally take some Tylenol PM as I've developed a horrendous headache, hoping our trip goes well. At 11:30 pm, the phone rings. I answer, in my tylenol pm stupor. It's a cop, needing help with an arrest warrant. [For those of you who don't know, I'm a criminal prosecutor.] Well, I'm not on call. I've given call to another attorney for the weekend since we planned this trip. Ok, so the cop says I'll call her. I ask if it's anything complicated, he says no, he'll call the other attorney. I try to get back to sleep...but knowing the other attorney as I do, some crisis has happened or she can't handle it. So, lo and behold, about 15 minutes later, the cop calls me again. That takes 15-20 minutes. As my DH grumbles and rolls over, I go to the other room to listen to the horrifying facts. After I hang up, I can't get back to sleep. No more Tylenol PM...try thinking about Disneyland, all the happy children, all the rides, all the money, all the people, rain, rain, rain...STOP... all the happy children, all the rides, all the fun we'll have. I finally get to sleep in spite of myself.
    4:30 am gets here. I can't get out of bed. I hit the snooze. 4:39 am gets here. I can't get out of bed. I hit the snooze. 4:48 am gets here.... oh no, I have to get up.... Hop in the shower. Finish packing. Roll DH out of bed so he can feed the cats and get dressed and carry the luggage out. We can't stop for coffee as it's too late. We get to the airport in time to get on the plane. We stop in Phoenix, change planes, then on to Ontario, CA.
    Our luggage actually makes, things are looking up. We're talking about which park to go to first. It's about 8:45 am. I call the rental car place on the airport phone. They say - we'll pick you up at the rental car building and take you to your rental. Fine, good. We take a shuttle to the rental car building where they have like 8 different agencies. We finally find the guy waiting us to take to the Advantage lot, which is probably 5 miles from the airport, in the middle of nowhere. So this is a little disconcerting, but I have a great travel agent. I'm sure this is gonna be ok. Note: DH and I rarely rent cars when we go on vacation. Who wants to deal with traffic when you're on vacation? This trip, DH wanted to go to the cemetary where his father and brother are buried and go to the beach, so a car was a necessity.
    So I pull out my confirmation code, tell them my name, and whaddya know, they don't have it. So after looking for the confirmation for a few minutes, as we're standing there, tired, hot, wanting to GET to Disneyland....they tell us, oh here it is. That will be $18.99 for today and $59 a day for the next 4 days. So that comes out to be $250ish? No way. No how am I gonna pay that. My confirmation says rate guaranteed $18.99 a day unlimited mileage, intermediate car - which my travel agent told me was a Dodge Stratus or similar. So...we say no. The agent says can't give it to you for $18.99 because that's a Sunday rate only. You should have gotten a weekly rate. After arguing with her, trying to call our travel agent (on Sunday morning at 9:30 am mind you), talking to another agent at another car rental, she finally settles on $170. We finally agree to pay it after arguing for an hour, an hour which would have better been spent on a ride or freshening up.... We figure we'll deal with it at the end of the trip with our travel agent and make sure Advantage doesn't get any business.
    So then she offers an upgrade - is it free? nope. We don't want it. We're expecting a dodge stratus. That's fine. Well, what did we get? A Grand Am. 40,000+ miles on it, with the oil change light on. Clean inside, scratched up outside. I give up. Let's just pack in our luggage, if it fits, and get outa here. So we go. 2 hours after landing in Ontario, we are on our way to Disneyland.
    My DH is hungry, so he decides we're going to Dennys. In Ontario. He wants to go there because he took me there when we first met. How romantic. Well, it takes us another 1/2 hour to find it. We get there, we eat. I suffer through DH reading a local newspaper, while I sit there watching, thinking about Tigger, Pooh and Advantage Rental Cars.
    And then we're off.
    We found the hotel quite easily. We stayed at the Best Western Park Place Inn. [Thanks Rajah!!] We get there - it's after noon. I give them my name. They don't have our reservation. We prepaid this trip. I start to panic. I start thinking about how so far this vacation has been a bust. I pull out the confirmation, she goes back to a "secret" room. She finds the room for us. It's under my DH's name - don't know why. We paid for it on my credit card. DH's last name is different from mine. So...they say room not ready. That's fine. I don't care. Take me to Disneyland. Then it is. Even better. Get to the room and freshen up. It was very nice. Fridge and Micro - we had not requested, but what a great convenience. We decide we'll get sodas when we go out to dinner. Bathroom is a little small, but clean. One sink, but clean. Nice big bed. nice sized room. And close to the street, so close to Disneyland. We freshen up and we're off to .......
    [continued on next trip report]

    cuter - 39, works for and with abused children; DH 46 - school police detective.
    WE'RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND! 3-11-01 to 3-15-01
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    Please tell me it gets I'm hooked ! :eek:


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    Boise DIS meet
    on Saint Paddy's day !
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    Aug 16, 1999
    I am loving you trip report. I can' wait to read

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    Aug 17, 1999
    I'm really enjoying your report so far. Your adventures of the evening before had me laughing, and I *so* relate to that "x:30" nope. "x:39" nope. "x:48" nope. etc ;)

    And you're welcome for Best Western Park Place, though I'm sorry you had difficulties with the reservation at first on arrival.

    On to the next one :)

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    Mar 25, 2000
    With a beginning like this the trip has no where but to go up for you. Thanks for posting!

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