Day Eight

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    Day Eight, September 14

    Out of the room by 10:00, then wandered around the resort taking photos. Had breakfast in the Food Court, then waited around for our shuttle to the airport.

    I had called Mears the day before to get our pick-up time, and the lady asked me, “Are you taking a shuttle or a bus?” Our ticket was marked “Shuttle,” so that’s what I told her. She told me we would be picked up at 12:30 for our 3:25 flight. Waited and waited and waited. Noticed that all the Mears vans were marked “Shuttle,” and all the buses were marked “Coach.” Because the lady asked us if were taking a shuttle, and because our ticket was marked “Shuttle,” and because all the vans were marked “Shuttle,” we decided that we must be waiting for a van, not a bus. BF even asked an idling van driver if he was waiting for us. He wasn’t, but said that we should keep an eye out for another van. 12:30 came and went, so we called Mears. “I just want to be sure that I’m looking for a van, not a bus.” “Yes, a van. It’s marked 1023 and it should be there any minute.” Waited and waited and waited some more. Finally, a Mears bus driver asked us if we were waiting to go to the airport. “Yes, but we’re waiting for a van marked 1023.” He figured out that 1023 was, indeed, a bus and that it had come and gone at 12:30. <insert swear word here> Mears needs to get their terminology straightened out.

    Got to the airport awfully late. We were afraid our luggage wouldn’t make it onto our flight, till the Continental rep pulled us out of the quite long line and let us check in at the First Class desk. Ran quickly into Bow Wow Meow to buy Gracie and Chloë some toys (to make me feel less guilty), then dashed to the gate in time for boarding.

    Both flights (MCO to IAH; IAH to SEA) were uneventful, though a bit choppy thanks to Tropical Storm Hanna. A flight attendant on the flight to Seattle got on the intercom and announced that we were on a brand new aircraft equipped with seatbelt sensors and that the computer was telling him there were 17 unfastened seatbelts. We all bought it … for about five seconds.

    I was very glad to get home, even though we couldn’t get the kitties out of hock till Monday. Really good trip, and I can’t wait to go back again someday!
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    My kind of woman! Says just what she thinks!LOL I read and enjoyed all your trip reports...thanks for sharing!
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    So where did you go wrong?

    "First, let me say how impressed I am with those people who manage to write long, witty essays about their trips. You will be sadly disappointed if you’re hoping for something like that from me!"

    Maybe they weren't THAT long but they WERE entertaining & witty

    Thanks for taking he time to write your reports, they were very enjoyable!
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    Thanks for putting into writing what I've seen and thought while on vacation. Your report was quite entertaining...and just the right length. Thanks for posting! :)
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    I love to hear it like it is too! Thanks for all the laughs, great reports!!!


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