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Earning My Ears
Mar 17, 2000
Planning our next trip April 2002 - 10 days- Would like to spend at least one day at a nice, family oriented beach... Not daytona - I'm not into exhaust fumes, traffic, etc. Any suggestions? We are planning to stay on site and then a few days off site in the Orlando/Kissimmee area. Our kids are 10 and 15.
just wanted to tell you that we went to Cocoa Beach ((45-60 min. east of Orlando) in '99 and it was a very nice family beach. The water floor was a little rough, but apparently, it will be like that all down that side of the coast. There is a Ron Jon surf shop VERY close to the beach where we rented a surf board for $15. If not interested in trying surfing, there were tons of other water things to rent. They have a great web site to look at:
The beach was very nice, could see the cruise ships in the distance and some little islands. There were lots of seashells that we brought home as souvenirs. Lots of birds flying over head and lots of beach!!!

Hope this helps!

I love Daytona Beach ~ we are staying one night/two days in Daytona Beach before 7 nights at CBR in a couple weeks.

We've been to Cocoa Beach several times and it's very nice. Close for SPACEPORT USA / Cape Canaveral (Kennedy Space Center).

The gulf coast is very nice too. More like a newly wed/nearly dead type of place.

We've tried several beach, but still my fav is Daytona Beach. GOOD LUCK! HAVE A FUN TIME PLANNING ~ It's have the fun!

1975 - off site
1977 - off site
1987 - Indian Rock Shores
1990 - Holiday Inn International Drive/Daytona Beach
1998 - KIDS VILLAGE, GIVE KIDS THE WORLD, Make-a-Wish trip with 4.5 year old daughter born ill),
2001 APRIL - CBR - ON SITE FIRST TIME! YIPPY! With dd 7 years old, ds 15 months old!
We stayed for 2 days near Cocoa beach before going to WDW. Nice beach - however very busy when we were there! It is also very, very commericalized. However it is a nice area and if you have kids into space it is very close to NASA - maybe if your lucky there may be a shuttle launch when you are there - check out this website for hotel and area info (I think it has a dash between!). The Gulf coast is our favourite but is a long drive to Orlando (the beaches are cleaner, and the water is nicer). Have fun planning!


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