day 7


Earning My Ears
Mar 6, 2003
our last tour day.
we started off by going to animal kingdom after a quick bite at the resort i had the waffles which were very good, we noticed that the lady near us left her camerabag sitting on her table unattended while she wandered off to see what the rest of her group was doing, or something, i was amazed, i know disney but really. then we headed off to the gift shop for a quick look around, i lost mom there, but found her back at the room. then finally got to ak. where we rode the safari ride. we had a bery good driver and the animals were upclose. we came around the bend to see a great view of the back of the truck in front of us. if there was any doubt on whether they really drive those it ended then.saw lots of giraffes, which is my mom's favorite. then did rafiki planet watch. which i always find intersting, they were showing footage of the newbord elephant they had last spring. then lunch time. we hit the flame tree bbq, we had the ribs which were very good. then saw the tigers which is one of my favorite animals. then onto MK, we rode buzzlighyear twice then off to the haunted mansion. then pirates, then back to buzz for the last time, picked up some icecream, then it was back to the resort to pack everything up.

Magic Moment of the day: I got alot of extra cherry's on my sundae when i was talking about the only thing wrong with the disney sundaes is they only have one cherry on them.


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