Day 2 Part 1 - We came, we saw, we ate some more!

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Sep 27, 1999
Trip Report – Day 2 Wednesday, December 6th 2000

We came, we saw, we ate some more! - A better late than never trip report.

The vital statistics:


Beth E. – the mom, Disney fanatic, trip planner

Eric (also know as DH)– the dad, just following mom’s well planned out footsteps

Sophie – DD 5 1/2, first trip to WDW, very outgoing child, loves the princesses, has no idea that anything that happens this trip is “out of the ordinary”

Accommodations: All Star Sports Hotel

Dates of trip: Tuesday December 5th to Friday December 15th

Weather: Didn’t write it down at time, but it was probably in the 60s. We wore long pants, tee shirts with sweatshirts and light jackets and took some layers off when we were warm. Did not require hats or gloves.

Day 2 December 6, 2000

Wake up call at 6:30am. I tried to get Sophie to answer the phone, but she was out like a light and would not move. I picked it up and was greeted by Mickey. I vowed to get her to answer it tomorrow!

We decided to eat a light breakfast in the room so we broke into the cache of food we had picked up at Winn Dixie the day before. Then we were off to MGM to try to make it into the park in time for EE. (Why are kids always so slow in the morning!?) My first stop was guest services so I could upgrade my pass from a park hopper to an annual pass. This was easy to do and the CM I dealt with was more than nice! While I was at the window I decided to ask the CM about booking the Fantasmic Dinner Package. Mama Melrose was still booked but he told me that there were spaces for a party of three at both Hollywood and Vine and Brown Derby. (My friends, who we were originally trying to get together with, had decided to skip Fantasmic.) We decided on Hollywood and Vine since the CM told me that Brown Derby was a little fancier and more expensive. Since this would be Sophie’s first day in the park and a long day I didn’t want to overwhelm her with a full day, fancy dinner and then Fantasmic – plus I didn’t want to surprise Eric’s wallet anymore than I had to on our first full day of touring!

Mission accomplished, we were now off to hit the park! (It’s about time!) Our first “ride” was Muppetvision. (Walked right into the preshow! Then into the show – no wait!) Sophie liked the show, but was surprisingly turned off by the little character that was created. Next we went to Star Tours. I was worried about how Sophie would handle this one, but she really wanted to ride it and she was tall enough so in we went. She seemed a little nervous as we were going in, but then I realized that it was just her joking around. (Again- walked right in, almost all the way to the simulator.) We seated Sophie between us so we could both watch her during the ride, but there was no need to worry, she loved it! I was more bothered by the motion than she was. Side note: That was one of the perks of having this be my DDs first trip – any time I felt bothered by anything I could just turn my head to check her reaction to it. This few seconds away from the action made my feel all better.

After that we went to the Indiana Jones show. Sophie liked the show, but she was a little bored. After it ended she told us that she wanted more rides. We had to explain to her that while some of the parks had a lot of rides and we would go to them on other days, MGM had more shows. Thankfully, she was satisfied with that explanation. Next on our agenda was Doug Live. Even though she wanted rides, Sophie sat through this one happily. She is a big Doug fan. I think her only regret was that she wasn’t picked to be on the stage.

When we left the Doug show our stomachs were beginning to growl. While is was still early we decided to give in to our stomachs and we went to the Sci-Fi Drive in for an early lunch. (This also worked well since we had early PS at Hollywood and Vine for dinner.) The restaurant had just opened for the day so we were able to get a car in just a couple of minutes wait. Sophie loved the theming of this restaurant. She and Eric sat in the front seat of a car and I sat behind them. She had the kid’s hamburger, DH and I had cheeseburgers and chocolate shakes (which we shared with her.) The food was decent – but not great. My hamburger was overcooked – I wanted medium rare, but this was passed that. Sophie and DH enjoyed theirs just fine.

Just after lunch Sophie spotted the Tower of Terror. “I want to do that!” she said. Eric and I did “that” in 1997, and as much as I love my child – I won’t do it again! DH was not feeling much more inspired. We pointed out the upper floor window to Sophie figuring that if she saw it she would change her mind, but NO! We finally told her that it was not a good thing to do right after lunch. Instead we caught the Beauty and the Beast show. Four for a Dollar was the opening act and they were great! I taped most of their performance, and some of the Beauty and the Beast show. I discovered that my video camera battery was running down and the other battery was not fully charged. I decided to save the battery to tape Fantasmic at night.

Next was Sophie’s favorite ride of the day – The Great Movie Ride (cowboy side.) I was surprised by how much she enjoyed it –even the scary parts did not bother her. Then onto the Little Mermaid show –another one that Sophie loved – although she did still complain that she wanted more rides and less show. Then we went to the Backlot tour. We walked right up to the gate where they had us wait a minute until we were able to go to the section where they show you the water/boat special effects. This changed slightly from my previous visits. Last time I saw this show they had audience members piloting the boat and just plain getting wet. This time they used dummies instead. When we got to the riding portion of the Backlot tour we positioned Sophie between us. We thought this would be a good place for her to be in case the ride was too intense for her, but we were worrying in vane – Sophie wasn’t at all bothered by the show and loved when some of the water splashed her.

Day 2 Concludes in the very exciting chapter entitled "Day 2 Part 2." Please look for it. Thanks!

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