Day 11 : Oh, no not again!!!

Tartan Tigger

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Oct 30, 2000
Cast : Myself (Johann)
DSIS Thumper Thistle (Tricia)

Day 11 : Oh, no not again!!!!!

Up early with wake up call (still no Mickey) and on a sun lounger at Blizzard Beach by 9.10am. Bought a new barcode for our Blizzard Beach mug, only cost $5.

Tricia went off to take photographs of the park while I went to do some of the slides. I started with the enclosed slide at Runoff Rapids which I love, then I went on one of the open slides, not impressed went to slow. Did the enclosed slide again and then I headed for the creek. The creek was so quiet I had hundred of tubes to choose from. Floated round for 30 minutes or so saying good morning to the life guards as I passed them by. I also came across Disney photographers in the creek, these guys are everywhere! When I left the creek I went to the snow stormers going down the middle slide, enjoyed this one. When I got to the bottom the life guard was just about to jump into the water as there was a child having difficulty but the parent got her out. Went back up the hundreds of stairs and went down the Toboggan racer, think I came 3rd and I did go fast enough that I actually passed the finish line.

Returned to lounger for a drink and some pringles and discovered all our neighbours are from the UK. Starting to wonder if there is anyone left in the UK. Chill out for a while and then take a few steps and I’m in the wave pool. Tricia joined me by the side of the pool and we sat here enjoying the cool water splashing against us as the hot hot sun blazed down. After about 10 minutes Goofy arrived in the pool for a game of throw and catch. Pool got very busy once the word spread that Goofy was here so we left and went to the creek. Had a short wait for a tube but the creek wasn’t too crowded. Went on the family raft ride, they put the 3 people behind us in our raft, the raft filled with water on the way down and by the time we reached the bottom we looked like we were in a paddling pool.

Left Blizzard Beach shortly after 1pm and returned to the hotel were I had a swim in the mighty ducks pool, only another 5 people in the pool. Left for Magic Kingdom at 2.25pm so I could film the Share a Dream Come True parade. It was very very hot as we waited for the parade, all the shaded spots were taken. After the parade we got the monorail to Epcot, changing at TTC. We went to see Ellen’s Energy which we both enjoyed, then we went in Wonders of life for something to eat. As we are eating Tricia says she feels light headed. Oh, no not again says I. At my insistence we return to the hotel for the night so Tricia can rest, I couldn’t cope if she passed out on me again. Tricia is never sick so this is really panicking me.

When we get back to the hotel we fill our mugs buy the newspaper and go to the room and settle down to watch T.V. We watched the last 10 minutes of Smart guy followed by :
Friends : Seen it before but still really funny.
Everybody loves Raymond which was hilarious.
The King of Queens which was very very funny.
Yes, dear which was predictable but good.
Another episode of Everybody loves Raymond, what a fantastic show, I wish the showed it tin the UK.

At 10pm Tricia decided to organise our shopping and tidy it up. When the house keeper comes tomorrow she’ll think she’s entered the wrong room.

After we had been to Blizzard Beach I wore my Tartan Tigger top, I had my clipart enlarged at printed onto the back of a top. It was looking great until we got to MK and sat in the baking heat waiting for the parade. The picture started to crack :eek I was like Duh!!! You can’t iron onto the print because the heat from the iron will damage the picture, I never thought about the heat from the sun. I really should have saw that one coming.

Had an early night and I think we were both sleeping for 11pm.
Originally posted by Tartan Tigger

discovered all our neighbours are from the UK. Starting to wonder if there is anyone left in the UK

Too funny, I'm suprised you haven't seen any neighbors LOL

Sorry about your neat shirt:(

I forgot to mention earlier, I like your name;)

Thanks for the post!


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