Day 1 - Part 2 - HRH


Feb 13, 2001
Me, DH, DS- 10 yr, and DS 2 1/2 yo

Remembering back to November when we went to Disney and how long it took to get from the hotel to actually being inside Magic Kindgdom and then going now from HRH to inside the gates of IOA --- kind of put us in shell shock!! Real nice walk, ( didn't take the boat) maybe about 10 minutes total, and city walk is great, could of just stayed there in front of margaritaville, sitting on one of the lounge chairs with a nice cold drink. Maybe a childless vacation is in order. LOL...anyway, we had bought IOA adventure passes before we came, so we went straight thru and tried to get our picture id's but computer was down. So off we went to the park. By this time, it was about 1:pm or so and we were hungry so we went to Confisco's for lunch. Flashed my room card, ( felt rather important at this time) and we were seated within 10 minutes. DH, DS and I all had bacon cheeseburgers, tasted wonderful, and our little one ate muffins and fruit that I brought with us. During our lunch, Cat in the Hat, Dudley Dooright, Woody Woodpecker, Spiderman, all popped by our table to visit the kids. Our ds 2 1/2, just adored them, wanting to hold their hands and hug them. But he did wonder why they don't talk!! The Grinch came in but did not come by, which is just as well since my little boy thinks he is a monster.
Off to the park, first stop was Spiderman, then the hulk, then spiderman again!! My DH and DS could have stayed on these two rides all day, I think. They loved them. I , in the meantime, hit the arcade with the little one who loves to ride all the little motorcycles and cars and such. We waited inside of the spiderman store, where the air felt so good cause it was hot out, and I was so surprised that it took so little time to do the rides with FOTL.
Then we all went to Suess Landing and split up. DH and DS 10, love rollercoasters, so DS 2 1/2 and I stayed and had a riot on one fish, two fish, the carasousell (sp?) and play areas. He could have stayed there all day!
We finally all met up at 4:30 pm because we decided to go back to the hotel and check out city walk for a while. By this time, DH and DS had done almost all rides in the park, with out waiting for more than 5 minutes tops.
Back at the hotel we found that the maid had come and brought 2 bags of coffee for the morning, but she had taken the key to the mini bar. So off to the desk I went for a new key. The room looked unchanged from when we were there before, but there were no bathrobes. Not that we needed them, but I did mention at the desk that we did not have any and they told me that you have to request them. Sent hubby off to the store to get some Coors Light for me, apple juice and gatorade for son, and 1/2 and 1/2 for coffee, while I tried to keep my little one from flipping off the big bed and hurting himself. Pool view was nice, but next time I would stick to garden view if available because we really were only in there a short time during the trip. Kids couldn't sit still in the room for long, they were too excited. After hubby came back, we stuffed our drinks in the mini-bar, ( just had to rearrange their stuff a little bit) and were off to citywalk for dinner.
We tried Margaritaville first, showed room key and was told 35 minute wait. I asked what would the wait be if we didn't have the key and she said 65 minutes. Thats a no-can-do with kids so we tried NBA , again we could'nt get in very fast. So Hard Rock Cafe, where the line up outside was at least 50 people long, had a separate line for priority guests, we walked up there and within 2 minutes she told us to go up the stairs. We made it up 1/2 the stairs and got in that line. About 10 minutes later, we were seated. Food was pretty good, hubby had ribs, I had chicken alfredo with pasta, kids had pizza and grilled cheese. Great music videos playing, the place was huge and packed. They must really have their acts together to accomodate that many people who all seemed to be having a great time.
After dinner we went back to IOA for a little while, saw some more characters, Popeye and Olive Oil, Rocky and Bullwinkle, the guys rode a few more rides, back to the toon town for the little one, and then about 9 'ish we headed back to the hotel. One great thing about our pool view was that we could see the fireworks perfect from our room. Kids had a giggle fest for awhile, and off to sleep we went. HOwever, I know that before I fell asleep, I heard an alarm going off, sounded like it was coming from the speaker in the wall, hubby thinks it was from the air conditioner. Who know, the beds were comfortable to sleep in, we heard NO noise in our room at any time when we were in there, just hope that no one heard the noise from our room. (from my wild little boys!!)
Tomorrows events on a new post!!


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Mahalo Barb,
I am off to read your next installment. :)
Our last visit was childless and it was wonderful and I didn't feel half as guilty as I thought I would. ;)


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