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    Hee. Now you are all in trouble.

    Anyway: here's the scenario.

    Guy and girl meet online, must talk daily to each other, get engaged on 1 year anniversary ! We actually weren't sure when the anniversary was, we figured sometime around October 14th - ish. Then we have two things to look forward to - Halloween and Anniversary ! Hee.

    Anyway, I was finally ready to get married this year and so we started planning. I know this is really late because my wedding is in 12 days, but I can't stop thinking about it so I figured I'd use the energy to do this. Even though my apartment stuff is in my mom's house right now and I'm supposed to be helping her organize (sorry, mom).

    I am a substitute teacher, and will be returning to get my second degree this fall so I can get a classroom, and he is an x ray tech. We met online at Match.com and have been together ever since !

    Wedding details:

    Colors - jade, eggplant, turquoise (though Alfred Angelo's messed up my bridesmaid's dress and I had to change to jade, but I like jade as well as turquoise ... )

    Officiant: Reverend Jack Day

    Date: September 27, 2009 1000 AM

    Location: Sea Breeze Point; The Attic

    Cast of Characters: harpist, Major Domo, Mickey, Donald, Pluto (does my grandpa count? LOL)

    My grandpa is walking me down the aisle.

    Dress: Alfred Angelo's 1205

    I already posted my pics in the main forum but I guess I'll re post them here and then edit that post. So here are my first PJ planning pics.


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