Current status of FOTL for HRH guests


Nov 23, 2000
I've been on pins and needles hoping to hear from someone who has witnessed (this week?) the transition to the new FOTl procedure. I know this has been an extremely controversial topic; I don't intend to comment on it, I would just dearly love to know how it's looking for our trip this week, as I would like to make some adjustments to our schedule if the new procedure is in place. We've been very fortunate to have been to USF at very slow times with very little waits, and like to plan pretty carefully at busier times. Thanks for any tidbits of info, everything has been greatly appreciated.
hi there. We just returned from 5 days at the HRH, FEB. 5-9TH, and had no problems with the FOTL perk. When we checked in, the front desk clerk told us that the FOTL privilege was for the first 2 hours of the day; 5 minutes later the concierge told us it was all day, every day, and that he would let the clerk know (seems a fairly major point which should have been uniformly known). Anyway, once we got in to the parks, all we had to do was flash our room keys, and they were never examined for dates, times, names (with one exception) and were immediately ushered to the FOTL, usually going thru the exit of the ride, and on to the attraction. We usually had 6-10 people doing it, and the attendants only glanced at the card of the first person. I am not sure when the policy changes, or what it changes to, but it worked great for us.

let me know if you have more questions.
Hi lolly

I appreciate the info. Keeping our fingers crossed that the unlimited FOTL is still in place this weekend!Can't wait!!!

Thanks from a fellow Virginian
Hi Cressy - Good news! Just got off the phone with UA/IOA Marketing Dept. and there is NO change in the unlimited front of the line perks for onsight hotel guests. We check into the HRH this weekend and are so glad to hear that news. By the way, the marketing rep did say that there are changes being made for off sight guests...but I don't know what they are


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