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Jan 23, 2003
Hi Fireking, welcome to the DIS! :welcome:
But they also said the lines are even longer for the stand-by line with the fastpass there.
That's very true, they had to keep closing the FP machines for Big Thunder Mountain temporarily last Thursday and Friday when the stand-by line hit 120 minutes. Hopefully when TOT opens it will take some of the pressure off Crush.


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Oct 15, 2006
Just got back tonight from Disneyland and can confirm that after making our way to Crush's Coaster this morning to get a fast pass and finding no joy, i asked the cast member where the fast passes were and he replied "They only tried it about 2 weeks ago and it was bad!":confused3 We then joined the main queue and waited 95mins to ride.:sad1:


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Sep 8, 2006
When we were at DLRP in early October, our experience was that the line is worst in the morning. As 10 am is really rather late, most people arrive for park opening and immediately fill up the line for CC. It was already at 90 min when we got there (arriving at 9:45 at the park!) and quickly went up to 120 min. However, it was somehow manageable in the afternoon, during the time of the DL parade: 35-45 min. But this were uncrowded weekdays. I think most people arrive in the morning and then leave early afternoon because they have seen everything there is to see at the Studios. The line for Cars went from 20 min in the morning down to 5 min in the afternoon as well.
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    Oct 3, 2007
    They days we were there (20 - 24 Oct), all I can say is that the CMs didn't appear to be having any problems with the queues or people running towards the fastpass distribution point, though the line for the ride itself was very long from as son as the doors to the park opened.

    The queue for the ride was moving slowly but moving and the line for the fastpasses were well organised and behaved. The CMs didn't appear stressed by any of it.

    Sorry if it sounds a bit selfish :guilty: , but I am really glad they were experimenting with the fastpasses during our stay and using DWs ticket (who just isn't into roller coasters) I managed to get 2 fastpasses for the same ½ hour time slot and do the ride twice in 45 minutes :rolleyes1


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    Oct 3, 2007
    Before we went, I did a search on YouTube for Crush's Coaster and found a few home videos of the ride on there . . .

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