Crowds on March 29th, 2001?

Sorry, don't know. But, I'll bump you back to the top so some one else can give it a shot.

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I would think Thurs. would not be too busy but Fri. and Sat. are two of the most busiest days for themeparks. If your not staying on-site I would try get to the parks entrance at opening. Have fun, and if your staying longer than those two days I might see you guys around!

6 days and counting! :D :D :D

Crowds should start building up as more and more schools have their Spring Break.


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We'll be there the 30th, so just stay behind us. Any crowds will part as I won't be wearing deodorant that day! Just one of my many tips on a more pleasurable adventure at USF!
A lot of school closings coincide with golf tournaments in Fla., so after TPC this week-end, hope to see a slight crowd reduction before the mega Easter rush. Keeping fingers crossed anyway!!


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