Crowds after Easter


Earning My Ears
Mar 26, 2014
My husband has a work trip in Orlando so we were thinking of tacking on a family weekend 4/9-4/13. I've been reading that crowds are insane around Easter. We have two small children, so wondering if we should sit this one out. Anyone have experience with going around Easter?
The 9th and 10th are still part of Easter week, so I would expect those two days to be insanely crowded. However, that Sun-Tues should see some significant drops in crowd level. You need to do some quick reading though, and see what you want to do regarding FP+ and meals. You're already within the off-site 30 day window for FP+. It would be difficult for me to already be there, and NOT go, but you'll need to be prepared for those two days of crowds.
Oh if we are in Orlando we will definitely be going to Disney. Just trying to figure out if we should spend the money for me and kids to go or let hubby go alone for business. I'm never one to pass up a Disney trip but I'm not sure I want to bring two small kids during a very busy time with no FP booked yet.
It will be very busy...spring breaks are still going on until about the 3rd week of April, but the 3 busiest weeks will be this week thru the 12th.


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