Crocs - What a Crock!

Discussion in 'Disney World Tips' started by KimDis, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. KimDis

    KimDis Belle of The Ball

    May 20, 2006
    Okay, I know I put myself at risk for a lots of flames as so many people love these but I have to share this for anyone who's trying to order directly from crocs hq so that they DON'T go through what I have so far.

    About 6 weeks ago I read here how great crocs are. Now when I went to EPCOT in Jan my feet were sore after half a day in the park so I was excited at even a bit of relief. Also, my mom has heel spurs, bad ankles and knee issues so anything that could help my over 60 DM out and make this a better trip for her is important as we both are in LOVE with WDW and want to do everything when we're there.

    So I ordered two pairs (athens & nile), one for each of us, from the crocs site. Five weeks before our departure. And then I told my DM and made a big deal out of it to her.

    About a week and a half ago I began to wonder where my shoes were, so I went online... only to discover that my order had not shipped. Now I'm sure I could have learned this sooner had I checked on the order, but I work two jobs and do a host of other things as well and I've been swamped. I ordered these online to lessen the amount of work I'd have to do, not increase it. :surfweb:

    So I called crocs customer service and after SEVERAL tries I actually reached a live person in sales. Turns out they were out of stock of my choices. Ok, no problem - just needed a call or e-mail to tell me that instead of me having to call them 4 weeks later.

    So the cust service guy assured me I could still get my flip flops (my mom's wasn't going to happen so that started a huge shoe search) and that they WERE in stock and that he'd expedite the shipping for free. GREAT! No problem. I express my concern because now we have about a week to make it happen. He assures me I'll get my shoes on time.

    And here is where I admit my mistake. I got busy as I had several visitors for business and pleasure over the next week. And I didn't think to go online. But when my shoes didn't come on Wed, I got worried. :sad2:

    So I went online and guess what? My shoes that were being personally expedited HAD NOT SHIPPED one week later. :badpc: And I now had 1 day to find shoes for myself. Now, I was trying to be calm, but this was the 2nd time! I recognize that this is probably just the result of HUGE demand, but no one called or emailed me to say the shoes weren't coming. If I had just known, I would have made time to get something instead of scrambling around like a crazy woman.

    I tried to reach someone, only to find out reception is in a different bldg than customer service at crocs, and no one in the reception building could reach anyone directly in the other bldg so I could only be transferred to voicemail. And no one returned any of my messages. :furious: AND my credit card still has a pending charge and I have no sandals.

    So at 7pm I had a early flight and several hours of work, packing and everything else ahead of me. And no sandals for my trip. :sad2:

    Because my feet were killing me, I went to Dick's Sporting Goods and bought the crocs. And then I thought as I drove away... if I keep these shoes, then they're getting my money. So I went out and got a pair of Merrell's. They're okay but cost twice what my crocs did.

    What to do. I'm mad, but I'm also have low arches and my feet are even now killing me from a week in heels.

    What would you do? :listen:
  2. emma'smom

    emma'smom <font color=magenta>P.S. Who would serve turnips a

    Jan 16, 2006
    I had the same issue with the Crocs website last summer (and so did my Mom with a seperate order). I waited over six weeks with my dd3 saying "Are my purple crocs here yet?" every day. Finally I called and left long, pleading, begging messages at every number I could find- "Please, if it is about the adult shoes...just cancel them....just send the child's shoes...please!!!". Two weeks later, both set of shoes showed up. My mother was still waiting for her order 8 weeks after she placed it. She ended up buying the knock-offs so she would have something.

    This year, I learned. I went to Nordstrom and Von Mauer and bought Crocs for all! The company may annoying...but they have great shoes!
  3. missmun52

    missmun52 DIS Veteran

    Apr 5, 2006
    Well, the service may not be great but the shoes are. I would not pay twice the amount for shoes not as good. Dont buy them from the site just go to the store. Also you can get them for the same price at other stores online if you dont have time to shop.

    And the airwalk ones from payless are great. I tried them on today and I have to say that they are really good, i plan to get a pair and for only 14.99. I have seen where many on these boards loved them. You can order them online or go to the stores. ( I may heave even liked them as much as the real things which i had on at the time)
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  5. Luv2Roam

    Luv2Roam DIS Veteran

    Jun 3, 2000
    sigh... Von Maur... I miss that store. :blush:
  6. SueM in MN

    SueM in MN combining the teacups with a roller coaster Moderator

    Aug 23, 1999
    If you want actual Crocs, I'd suggest ordering from They have the most awesome customer service and you CAN reach a real person (a real person who is very helpful, I might add). My oldest DD had ordered 2 pairs of shoes from them. When you add the shoes to the shopping cart, it tells you whether or not they are currently in stock (and even how many pairs of those are in stock). She got an email from them after ordering that gave the estimated time for shipping and when they would/should arrive. She ordered on a Friday night and they actually came on Monday.

    I ordered 2 pairs of shoes and missed the part where you put in for expidited shipping (which was an extra charge over the free shipping they were offering - my DD had the free shipping, by the way). I called back to ask if I could add the faster shipping and they were very good. I got an email that said my order had been modified to arrive earlier and then I got another email that said they had added their faster service as a gift to me (so I got an upgrade from zappos!)
  7. tmt martins

    tmt martins DIS Veteran<br><font color=orange>Uses <strike>her

    Oct 9, 2005
    For the longest time Crocs didn't even take on-line orders just refered you to a place to purchase .I think they still don't have it set up or the personel to handle small orders.

    Zappos and NOFEAR (online or clothing) are the 2 best at getting crocs on-line And DICKS has them all over the stores now.
  8. WantToGoNow

    WantToGoNow DIS Veteran

    Sep 27, 2005
    I ordered my Crocs from Zappos and had them 3 days later -- without paying for express shipping. I have also seen them in the local Dick's and most Hallmark stores. I bought a pair of the Airwalk's (shoe style not sandal or clog - the Croc brand is $59.99 and I paid $19.99) that I could wear to work and wore them for the first time yesterday -- they were wonderful. I had my dh try on a pair of Airwalk's -- although he said they were comfortable he also said he'd never wear them. Every Disney trip he has problems with his feet getting really sore and having trouble walking -- I was hoping to alleviate tihs some. Maybe I'll buy them and pack them and then when he starts complaining, I'll pull them out and see if he'll wear them.
  9. newnana

    newnana Earning My Ears

    Jan 8, 2005
    I made the big mistake in buying them. Their CS is terrible and I know this will make some folks mad, but I got blisters on the sides of my feet where the Croc logo attaches to the back strap. I never get blisters, but crocs ripped up my feet something awful. I gave the shoes to my teen DD, hoping she could get some wear out of them...guess what??? She also got blisters from them. I won't even give them to the Goodwill. CRAP pure and simple. If you want to try these, I suggest getting a pair of knockoffs at one of the discount shoe stores or even K-Mart.
  10. famofsix

    famofsix <font color=darkorchid>For $40 Elmo should sing, l

    Apr 3, 2006
    I am sorry they did not work out for you. Give them to Goodwill you can write off your loss then too. It will make someone happy, I am sure... especially if it's someone from the budget board on the DIS. :sunny: There post will go something like...OMGoodness I got real Crocs at Goodwill for 2.99 and then you'll see a little dancing :banana:
  11. mama4

    mama4 DIS Veteran

    Feb 5, 2006
    :confused3 I have heard of this happening to some people. I can certainly see why that would be uncomfortable. I haven't had an issue with them thank goodness. Wore them to Disney last April and it was only time I haven't gotten sore legs/feet after the first day. I wore a different sandal the next day and then changed bk to the crocs the third day. I was much better off by the end of that day than dh (who adamantly refuses to wear them) I got them for myself first, then got some for my mom, then my sister bought them for herself,her four kids and teenage stepdaughter. My two youngest ds's will have some soon too (sis found them at a shoe store in st pete for buy 1 get 1 50% off so I had her get some for my boys) Everyone loves them so far. We all make fun of how they look but we don't care because they are so comfy.
  12. diannaneglia

    diannaneglia Mouseketeer

    Mar 10, 2006
    I am so sorry they did not work out for you or your daughter...but I have to say...I wore mine at WDW three weeks ago and my feet were absolutely wonderful at the end of the day. Maybe yours did not fit right? I just can't imagine blisters from them. I also wear highlander Crocs to work and I am on my feet alot...they are equally wonderful!

    In WDW, we saw ALOT of people wearing Crocs...funny...we even say a family of 6 wearing them...we were like...'look, the Croc family!'!

    I would not hesitate to wear them again...for anything...but then that is my opinion...I guess they aren't for everyone.
  13. ENSOCK

    ENSOCK DIS Veteran

    Mar 22, 2006
    Just back from WDW and I wore my Croc flip flops for the first day. They wore a blister under my toe from the band. I switched to my Teva Flip flops but with the blister it did not help. :furious: I had to switch to my tennis shoes for the rest of the trip. It was ok but not as cool. O well I was in Disney so who cared. :banana:
  14. littleladykaty

    littleladykaty DIS Veteran

    Mar 24, 2006
    Another fan of here!! They are FAB in the customer service department!!! Their shipping is lightning fast, but you pay for that in the increased prices of shoes. They some of the highest prices on the web, but if you want your shoes promptly and need a very friendly and helpful CS department, Zappos is the way to go!!

    Dick's Sports has a HUGE selection of crocs...this is in New Jersey, I don't know you have Dick's Sports where you live. DO NOT order from them online though, TERRIBLE in every way! But go buy them in person if you can!!

    that being said...birkenstocks are the most supportive shoe I've ever found. Crocs ARE light and airy but I didn't find that they had any arch support if you DO want the open airy type of shoe, I had better luck with the NothinZ brand...not as wide and clown looking as the Crocs and they have much better arch support. Made with the same material. Diamonds instead of circles in the top of the shoe! I found those on!

    good luck!!! princess: :wizard:
  15. bsusanmb

    bsusanmb Childhood sweethearts married on the Magic 6/2/13

    Jul 11, 2004
    I bought my first crocs to wear to work - I am a nurse, an old nurse with bad feet, and too much weight to carry around. They were great - and my plantar fasciitis didn't hurt at all. So, I took them to WDW for 10 days in June and it was 90+ degrees - now, I don't wear them without short socks ever, but I didn't get any blisters at all!!! I even wore wet socks in the rain with them and it was great - I always get tons of blisters in WDW and use boxes and boxes of bandaids. Maybe the socks is the answer to blister prevention with crocs. They are wide and boxy, but I don't care when my feet don't hurt!
  16. christinadei

    christinadei <font color=red>Tagless for eternity (well, until

    Mar 4, 2004
    I love my crocs adn have extra weight as well, and they are great, but I got blisters as well. at the end of my first day in disney, my feet didn't hurt at all, other than the 2 blisters. so I had to switch shoes, but it sucked because my feet were so comfortable. I wear them all the time and never get blisters except for when I wore a different pair to seaworld. I guess all the sweating and walking makes me get them. The first time it was beaches and the 2nd time niles, but the blister was in the same spot, so I may try moleskin in those hotspots next time.

    I got DS6 crocs for seaworld and he got blisters when he wore them to school, so he decided to wear low socks at seaworld. I thought that they looked silly, but his feet were happy.

    I'm goign to get moleskin this trip and keep checkign for hotspots and use it at the slightest sign. I think I'll bring us both socks just in case. We may look silly, but oh well ;)
  17. KimDis

    KimDis Belle of The Ball

    May 20, 2006
    Well I'm back... I used the crocs and never wore the Merrill's. I wore my croc flip flops every day and only got a blister on the last day because I didn't take a break the way I had the days before. They were really comfortable. And the customer service people finally called me late the next day to say they were cancelling my order per my final frustrated voicemail.

    Funny thing.. after calling all over town to get the flip flop crocs (they are usually only at Dick's Sporting Goods in my neck of the woods) ... I actually saw them at a kiosk in the airport. :rotfl: Hah! I could have gotten them there and spared myself the hassle... :rotfl2:

    Well I saw quite a few croc wearers in WDW, although no one with my flip flops... And they were definitely a good buy, I just won't ever order from them directly.
  18. Foofness

    Foofness Mouseketeer

    May 31, 2004
    And yet another fan of Zappos... So far no one has mentioned that they ship for free BOTH WAYS... If the first pair of Crocs you buy doesn't fit... send them back at no charge and order another pair... Zappos is wonderful...

    Come on Sept.!!!!!... :Pinkbounc
  19. safetymom

    safetymom Super Moderator

    Aug 13, 2001
    There is a Croc's store in the Orlando airport for those that decide they need them when they get here.
  20. ihavefaith2

    ihavefaith2 Mouseketeer

    May 30, 2006
    I just wanted to tell everyone about the Airwalk "crocs" from Payless. They are a generic kind of croc. They are called the Airwalk Garden Clogs. They are MUCH cheaper than the name brand and MUCH more comfortable. You can find them at Payless shoe stores or get them online from their website. I highly recommend these instead of "real" crocs. They are wonderful. I'm extremely picky about my shoes and how they feel. I hardly ever wear anything but tennis shoes with good arch support. Anyway, these have great arch support and are very soft. They don't rub either. I would have never considered wearing anything to Disney except for broken in tennis shoes until I found these. They are great! I think everyone needs a pair.:)
  21. disneynutinpa

    disneynutinpa Mouseketeer

    Jun 27, 2006
    I hate to ask this and sound gross, but do your feet sweat and smell in Crocs. Our Hallmark sells them and every time I go in, I think about buying them and look at them, but I'm scared. It just seems like with the rubbery material that your feet would really sweat. Also, do you wear them with or without socks?

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