Cozumel - what to see and do


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Feb 17, 2000
Cozumel is a stop on Disney's 7 day Western Cruises. What are your favorite things to do? Disney excursions or on your own. Share it here with your fellow cruisers!

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This post has been updated to include many reviews that are not posted on this thread from the past year on the main cruise forum. Click on the links to see specific reviews. If you would like a review that you have posted on the boards or in a trip report included in this listing, please PM one of the moderators on this forum to have it added.

Beach Break - **

Captain Marvin - **, **

Chankanaab - **, **, **, **, Royal Dolphin Swim, Swim Adventure & Continued, Royal Swim, Park Tour only on own, Pull and Swim

Coconuts Bar - **

Dolphinaris - **, **, Long thread comparing Dolphinaris with Discovery

Dolphin Discovery - **, Company website to book on own, Long thread comparing Dolphinaris with Discovery, Push Pull vs. Royal Swim, Royal Swim, Recent Issues

Dune Buggy Excursion - **, **

Eagle Ray excursion - **, **

Ferry to Mainland Info - **

Four Elements - **, Alltournative website to book on own, **

Fury Catamaran - **, **

General Information - **

Internet Cafe - **

Jeep Rental on own - **

Jeep Tour - **, **, **, **, Booked with Island Marketing, **, **

Jungle Hike Excursion - **

Internet Cafe - **

Lunch - **, **

Mexican Cooking School - **

Mexican Cuisine Workshop & Tasting - **, **

Mr. Sanchos - **, *** Beach club no longer honoring tours booked with TourCozumel as of 5/21/09. ***

Nachi Cocom Beach - **, **, **, **, Parasailing, **, **, **, On own, On own

Palancar Reef Beach Club - **

Paradise Beach on own - **, **, **, **, **, **, **, Not for snorkling, **

Paradise Beach Break - :crazy2:

Playa del Carmen - **

Playa Mia - **

Road Trip On Own - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Ruins and Beach Tour - **, **

San Fransisco Beach - **

San Gervasio Ruins Tour - :), **

Scuba Diving - **, **

Sea Trek Helmet Dive - **

Shopping - Gallery Istanbul, **

Taxi Fare Chart - **

Tropical Jeep Safari Tour - **

Water Scooters - **

Xcaret - **, **, **, With pictures, **


My favorite girls!
Apr 25, 2002
The absolute highlight of our cruise was the jeep tour - amazing experience, we did the disney sponsered version. Excellent and worth every penny.


DIS Veteran
Oct 20, 1999
LOVE LOVE LOVE Cozumel! We walked across the street from the pier, acquired a taxi and said "to the beach". He took us to Nachicocom, heaven on earth. There are changing rooms a restaurant, open air massage, a beach made of very fine ground shells, beach chairs, umbrellas, roving waiters to bring your drinks, and i think seadoos to rent as well as some other stuff. When we were ready to go, we went out to the parking lot and lo and behold, the same guy was there - the taxi was about $10 -15 each way, and WELL worth it, for the 4 of us.


DIS Veteran
Jul 13, 2006
We did the Paradise? Beach Break in Cozumel through Disney. I have to say, never again. Completely crowded in a smallish confined area. A huge party barge dumped a huge load of people and food and drinks were absolutely disgusting and included in the price. Never, never, never, never again!!!


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Aug 11, 2003
We did the DD on our own since it was their first stop back with DD open and DCL was only going to Cancun for their DD. I would rather have gone though DCL for this excursion. Although the DD was cheaper, you have to add on taxies--both ways + tip. Plus we had to pay additional fees to get onto Chankanaab. We also didn't have a reminder and a supply of towels to bring with us.

That being said we absolutely LOVED the Dolphin Discovery. The people there were sooo Disney that it really kept the DCL spirit going. We went in July and although we were very disappointed about the condition of the water, the wonderful people of Cozumel made up for it.

I would go again in a heartbeat.

Also you can get a picture of your dolphin on a t-shirt and it reads I made a friend for life on the front.


DIS Veteran
Feb 27, 2005
We went to the excursion desk and they told us to go to San Fransisco Beach. I LOVED it - although very packed with people. You pay per chair (5$) and other various prices for the day. It was a blast for the 10 of us. We purchased the water package for the kids too - $10 for them to use the water tramp and the water iceberg. I bit pricey - but we had a blast. WISH I was there now instead of COLLDDDDDDDD New Hapshire!


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Oct 13, 2003
professorandmom said:
The absolute highlight of our cruise was the jeep tour - amazing experience, we did the disney sponsered version. Excellent and worth every penny.
Iditto the above. We did this in July 2006. It was a blast.

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  • b&j's_mom

    DIS Veteran
    Sep 15, 2004
    We took a taxi with a group of fellow DISers to Paradise Beach. It was a beautiful, clean beach. We got a bucket of beer, some other yummy drinks and some guac. and chips!!! The best guac I have ever had in my life. Worth the trip right there. There was a water trampoline, water ice berg and kayaks that you could use if you bought a wristband. Beach and chairs are free, they just ask that you buy something to eat and drink.


    DIS Veteran
    Feb 7, 2005
    Joining this one too.

    I have a lot to learn in the next 15 months.

    We like lazy beach days mostly. A little shopping for the girls.

    I hope that others add to this thread.

    My DDs will be 8, 10.5, almost 15, and almost 17.


    Mar 9, 2006
    We took a taxi on our own to Paradise Beach and we loved it. The taxi was $14 each way for 2 adults and 2 children. We bought the wristbands for $8 each and got full use of water trampoline, climbing iceberg, kyacks, floats, lifejackets, lounge chairs and they even gave us a pail and shovel for my son when I asked. The beach and locker rooms were clean and the staff was friendly and not pushy at all. The guacamole was the best I ever had. I would go back with out question.


    Sep 12, 2005
    Couple of questions...We are a family of four myself, DH, DS7 & DD4, we enjoy snorkling off the beach especially DS7, DD4 thinks she is doing it! :) We are looking for a fun day at the beach maybe with some extras like at Paradise beach for the kids, but necessary if these places are packed with people, then a lazier atmosphere will be my choice :beach:
    1.How busy are Paradise Beach and Chankanaab?
    2.What is the best beach for off shore snorkling?
    3.Is there shopping near where the boat docks?
    4.Is it safe to eat and drink at these different beach resorts? :confused3 (we've never been to Mexico... and you hear all different rumors about people getting sick from the H20 and ice etc..)

    Continue with the great replies to this thread!!! and thanks in advance for your replies

    Happy Holidays to all!! :santa:
  • Mickee

    May 20, 2005
    We rented a car for the 4 of us Children were 10 & 8 this past summer. $45 usd for the day...very easy and quick, I was going to order one in advance, but saw there were only 2 ships in port that day so I waited til we were off the ship at the pier. ( Cheaper then Taxis for the day and a very easy drive, one road around the whole island)

    Went to Paradise Beach and had a blast,
    My daughter had a blast on the trampoline & climbing the iceberg, my son enjoyed snorkleling and the kayaks.
    Daddy & Mommy enjoyed chillin with a few Daddy Juices....
    They took very good care of us, we left the ship early and was one of the first at PB....

    We spent approx 4 hours there then drove around the un-inhabited side of the island, highly recommend this as there is beautiful scenery and miles of beach, not good for swimming...strong currents... but plenty of photo ops.....

    We stopped at Coconuts near the end of the desolate side, the highest point on the island with beautiful views and high on top of cliffs.

    Talk with the owner, great guy, great daddy Juice, good food.
    Take a picture with the iguana and ask for him to put the sombrero on the iguana, has a crocodile? alligator out back as well.....go up to his new lookout, enjoy a Daddy Juice with fabulous views.....great pic opportunity.
    Walk around his whole property......more pic opps.
    Bring a T Shirt and he will hang it up on his roof..... totally rebuilt from being totally wiped out from Hurrican Emily.

    We then drove back to town after a few stops to show the children what exactly poverty means and to be thankful.

    Returning the car was as easy as picking it up.
    I was going to get the insurance, but the guy told me no as I was using Amex....saved me a few $$$ for another Daddy juice...

    We then hit the mall by port and hit Hard Rock, Carlos & Charlies....yes more Daddy juice....and bought some trinkets....

    Will do the same thing next time again......

    I was not worried about my familes safety at any point.

    Any questions, please ask..


    <font color=purple>I'm the wretch the song talks a
    Sep 28, 2003
    We all so did the same. We rented a jeep $45 great price for the day. We drove to the state park and did the boat ride, went to the top of the light house and went down to there beach. That was wonderful it was $10 bucks we had a wonderful time there also. We all saw crocodiles and all kinds of wild life. :thumbsup2 Then we drove around the island which if you drove from the port all the way around would take you about one hour. We stopped and had some fish tacos and beer's. Just like all of the Corona commercial. We loved getting away from all the tourists. :love:


    DIS Veteran
    Apr 30, 2005
    Has anybody done the Mexican Cuisine Workshop and Tasting? We would like to do one excursion that is somewhat relaxing.



    <font color=magenta>Disney Bride<br><font color=co
    Feb 24, 2004
    The jeep tour was lots of fun. We were partnered up with another couple.



    May 20, 2005
    We were going to go with the individual jeep rental, but I opted for a car with A/C with the small ones, when we go back in a few years and the children are older, we will definitely do the jeep for sure, jumping back in the A/C was good thing that day as it was quite hot.....

    Not to take away from the jeep renters, just wanted to give you an idea why we went with the car.....

    I'll give you some answers from my observation.

    1.How busy are Paradise Beach and Chankanaab?
    Talking about Paradise Beach:
    I am going to say, depends on how many ships in port....
    it was not busy when we went as we were there first thing
    in the A.M., it did however become busier shortly after lunch, but we were on our way out by then.

    2.What is the best beach for off shore snorkling?
    There is snorkeling at P.B., I am sure there is better but early it was fine before the crowds and the sandy bottom was kicked up.

    3.Is there shopping near where the boat docks?
    YES...anything you want, there is a big mall area....
    Hard Rock, Carlos & Charlies, Senor Frogs and anything else you want.

    4.Is it safe to eat and drink at these different beach resorts? (we've never been to Mexico... and you hear all different rumors about people getting sick from the H20 and ice etc..)

    We had no problems, the resort type use filtered water,
    I wouldn't stop on the side of the road from a stand and drink water out of a pitcher....

    See my earlier post where we rented a car, had a blast.


    Hooked on Disney
    Dec 28, 2005
    We are planning to take the Punta Sur Eco Park & Snorkel through DCL on our Jan 26 Western Cruise. Anyone ever taken this and could tell me about it??


    DIS Veteran
    Aug 23, 2002
    We just did the Eagle Ray excursion this past June. We had an awesome time.

    We linked a ressie with our tablemates. We were the only ones on the boat. They do NOT take you to the same place that the 3 large catamarans go. We went earlier that our ressie was for and we left right away.

    They are great, depending on when your cruise is, Chellie-from the states, will greet you and get you set with masks and fins.

    We did the 2 reef snorkel. They are very helpful with beginners. They will tell you that you do not need life vests, with your young kids, you will probably want them to have them.

    When you get to the 1st stop, the guide goes in the water with you (at all times), you are in a current that will allow you to just float. It was cool because we really didn't need to kick-swim. Our family had snorkeled quite a few times and we felt very comfortable without vests. The guide takes a life ring in the water for anyone who needs to rest.

    We did get to do a bonus reef since they didn't have any one else scheduled. Don't forget to tip them. I tipped the guide and the boat captain-Captain Zorro each $10 for the 3 of us. I probably over tipped, but we had a great time.

    Just remember, this is a small family type business. Do not be surprised at the condition of the small fishing boats. They are pretty old, although I did hear they had 1 new one.

    If you have any ?, ask away!



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