Counter service rec's in Epcot?


Apr 2, 2005
I am trying to find a good CS in Epcot as a meeting place for the "girls" to meet up with the "men" after their 9:30 Segway tour. We are doing Ohanas (on the DP) at 5:40 so I dont want to use a second TS for lunch. Any suggestions????????????

16 views and NO suggestions????? :goodvibes

Maybe that means there are NO good CSs in Epcot!!!!!!!! pirate:
I would suggest that you meet in the Land Pavillion. They have just opened up the completely renovated (menu and all) Sunshine Season which is a counter service set up like many of the counter services at the resorts (many stations with different food and one place to pay). It also has lots of seating and is close to where the Segway tour starts/ends.

For a sample of what kind of food is available visit:

(I can't say much about the food. The only things I've had have been from the bakery - cookies, etc.)

P.S. Be sure to get fast passes for Soarin'. Depending on the return time may you can get them before you eat and by the time you are done it will be time to ride. :)
The Electric Umbrella is the only counter service that I would recommend at Epcot. However there is a nice coffee shop right beside IceStation Cool (free Coca Cola products from around the world): I just cannot remember its name.
If your meeting time is after 11am, you might wish to meet at the Morrocan pavillion, counter service there is pretty good: I personnaly think the food is a bit bland here, but the majority of people who go think the food is great. (based on many posts on Disboards).
If you just want coffee, pastry or something light: the little pastry shop in France is great place to meet.
What ever you end up doing, enjoy.
we've snacked at various CS places throughout WS and have never been disappointed... i would choose either based on a cuisine you will all enjoy or location of where the segway tour ends... depending on what your plan for the day is, you may want to snack around WS instead of lunch...
By far the best place is in the Land. Its new and the food is much better than any other cs at Epcot or at most of the other parks too.
I would also suggest The Land (Sunshine Season's). Have the guys give you their passes after you enter, but before the tour, if you are going in with them.
Timing may be right where you could get a Fast Pass or two, esp for Soarin'.
In the Land you will also be protected in case it rains or is hot.
We have not been to the new Land places yet, but if you want to meet in World Showcase we have enjoyed the cs places in China(we rated this as better than average for Chinese fast food), England (the fish shop) and Japan (though I just read an awful review of this one so I am not sure how their quality is keeping up). Save room, Ohana's is alot of food!
We always get fish n chips from the fish shop, then we sit on the benches behind the shops in the UK. It's a pretty little garden area, and it's usually pretty quiet back there.


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