Conflicting info on AAA $99 AP

Gator Kate

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Aug 18, 1999
Just wanted to pass along my experience with clearing up the policies on this pass. The offficial restrictions are that it needs to be purchased by 1/31/02 and first used by 2/28/02. We have 1 family member that may not visit USF before the 2/28 activation deadline. I spoke with local and national AAA offices as well as the UESCAPE operator. They all said there are NO exceptions to the policy and if you don't use it you lose it. Since other DIS'ers had gotten different responses to this question I took one last stab and called guest services at USF (407-224-6350 if you ever need it). I explained the situation and while they were somewhat vague they said to see them and they'd "work with me on it". I have to say it is one of my pet peeves, not just with theme parks but most large companies, that you often get a different response to the same question depending on who takes your call. Very little uniformity. At least she was encouraging and since most of our party will be there President's Day weekend I imagine they'll make an exception for the one pass. So, hope this helps someone out there.
I went last week. I purchased one for myself. I asked about purchasing one for my husband, she (at AAA) said that if he did not activate it by 2/28/02 it would self-activate (not loose it) on that date. Then at IOA when I activated mine, I reviewed the policy with them and they told me that no, in fact, that it had been extended to whenever he went to the park (in his case, April). She then took his ticket, dated it, initialed it and had me write his name on it. So, I wonder what is going on??
Just a follow up to my previous post.

USF did exactly as they said they would. My husband (and I) went last week and my husband had his AAA $99 voucher that was dated and initialed It went thru the turnstyle with no problem and it was turned into an AP without any problems either.

Nice, huh?:) :) :)


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