COMPLETE ABC Letter/Elements Swap


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Feb 1, 2006
1. Due date is December 7th. That is when I need to receive your package. Mail by date is November 30th, to make sure your package arrives to me. All packages mailed on or after the 11th will need delivery confirmation.
2. You pick 2 letters when you sign-up
3. For Group B and Group C, pick your theme for each letter. For ideas
4. Required for all groups: You will make ONE 4” letter, ONE photo mat, ONE journaling box and ONE element choice from the list below for each person in your group. There will be a different number people per group so please double check your amounts.
5. Packaging Instructions:
Place your completed elements in a gallon Ziploc bag for each letter with your DIS name, name and group number. Place all your baggies for a group in a 2 gallon size bag, and label with the same. Please use a gallon bag – even if your pieces are smaller and may not require it, the pieces you will be getting back may be bigger. You will need the LARGE priority box if you are in all three groups.
6. Postage:
Please include cash, check or stamps (No Click-it/ship-it postage). Please include enough to cover the postage and Delivery Confirmation if you wish it for the correct size flat rate box or envelope.Include postage for the LARGE priority box if you are in all three groups. $13.95 when I use the on-line shipping.
7. PM me with your name, address, email address, contact phone number- even if you have swapped with me before. If you have problems and need to drop out or if an emergency happens (we all know things happen beyond our control sometimes), let me know so we can make arrangements for an angel or other help if needed.
8. Most importantly HAVE FUN!! I know we all get worried about our stuff sometimes. I know everything will be GREAT! Just make something you would be proud to have in your own albums, and everyone will love it!!

Suggestions for embellishments include:
Die cuts, stickers, stickles, flock, ink, chalk, brads, charms, flowers, eyelets, ribbon/fiber, sewing, tearing, embossing, stamping, clipart, additional layers of paper beyond double mats, specialty paper (such as embossed, glitter, Bling).

If you can not think of a way to embellish your item, without it looking weird, you can provide an embellishment not attached to your item, such as a Cricut icon cutout, or a set of 4 brads/eyelets, a yard of ribbon/fiber, etc.

Note: Please no handwritten items. But you can draw and color.

Photo Mat: 1 PP first/top layer no smaller than 6-1/4 x 4-1/4, double matted and embellished-must NOT interfere with the photo
Journaling Box: 1PP at least a 3x3 writing area, double matted with actual journal area placed on top of the two mats and embellished
Tag: 1 PP larger than 2x3 tag, double matted and embellished two ways, include either ribbon/fiber or eyelet/brad in the hole. May include both....the fiber and or eyelet does not count as part of the 2 embellishments.
Embellished Shapes: 3PP 1-1/2x1-1/2 or larger if you wish, double matted and embellished. These can be circles, squares, flowers, etc. be creative. If it is a shape that would not look right double matted please use your best judgment.....Just make up for it in another way. Maybe make a few extra or throw in something extra.
Slide Mounts: 2PP be creative here please
File Folders or Matchbooks: 1 PP if medium size or lager, 2 pp if mini sized. Please make sure to enclose a blank page in the matchbook if this is the element you choose to do.
Bottle Caps: 2PP if metal, 4PP if paper
Library Pocket and Tag: 1PP embellished, no smaller than to hold 2x3 a tag that should have ribbon/fiber or eyelet in the hole
Paper Piecing: 1PP be creative please
License Plate: 1PP be creative please
Signage/Bookmark: 1PP 2x6, double matted and embellished
Song/Lyric/Poem: 1PP, double matted and embellished
Altered CD cover: 1PP be creative please
Altered Paper Clips: 3 large size ones

Group A is black, red, yellow, white and matching Disney-ish papers. FULL Make 14
# - AWM
A - DisneyRider
B - Princess Jayne
C – 123SA
D - Rhondagreen
E - LM3K
F - DisneyRider
G - Rhondagreene
H - MickeyTeacher
I - Mischief_Managed
J - mommy2mrb
K – Mischief_Managed
L - Catinthehat35
M - Ohana 4
N - MickeyTeacher
O - icesk8abc
P - Princess Jayne
Q - Mt2P
R - mommy2mrb
S - LM3K
T - Ohana 4
U - threeiscrazy
V - 123SA
W - catinthehat35
X - threeiscrazy
Y - Mt2P
Z - icesk8abc
Mickey Head - AWM

Group B is Disney Characters and Verbs specific
A – wdwmicky - Ariel
B – mommy2mrb - Belle
C - mommy2mrb - Cinderella
D - MickeyTeacher - Dumbo
E - csmeader - Eeyore
F – Disney_Rider - Fireworkds
G - Ohana 4 - Goofy
H - MickeyTeacher - Hollywood citizens
I - hiclarke - Imagine
J – csmeader - Jasmine
K - hffmnheidi - King [lion king]
L - wdwmickey - Lilo
M - 123SA- Mickey or Minnie
N - hffmnheidi - Nemo
O - PN96 - Once Upon a Time
P - AWM - Pluto
Q - LM3K - Queen of Hearts
R - AWM - Ratatouille
S – AWM – Snow White
T – DisneyRider - Toy Story
U - LM3K - Ursula
V - hiclarke - Villians
W - MusicalDisneyDreams - Winnie
X - Ohana 4- piXie - tinkerbell
Y - PN96 -
Z - MusicalDisneyDreams - Zurg

Group C is Disney Places and Things FULL Make 13
A - DisneyRider - Adventureland
B - csmeader - BBB
C - csmeader - Castle
D - PrincessNancy96 - Downtown Disney
E - wdwmickey - Enchanted Tiki Room
F - DisneyRider - Frontierland
G - MusicalDisneyDreams - Grand Floridian
H - catinthehat35 - Hidden Mickeys
I - Rhondagreene - Ice Cream
J - Ohana 4 - Jungle
K - hiclarke - Kilimanjaro Safaris
L - mommy2mrb - Lion King
M - mommy2mrb - Monsters, Inc.
N - MickeyTeacher - Nemo
O - MusicalDisneyDreams - One Man's Dream
P - PrincessNancy96 - Parades
Q - hiclarke - Queue
R - catinthehat35 - Rides
S - wdwmickey - Small World
T – morgansmom2000 – Tea Cups
U - RhondaGreene - Under the sea
V - Ohana 4 - Vacation
W - LM3K - Wishes
X – morgansmom2000– XOXO
Y - MickeyTeacher - Yummy tummy


<font color=deeppink>Okay, here I am, out of high
Feb 1, 2006
Check in dates
Sept 18 - your groups are okay and you sent me your info
Oct 8 - general status
Oct 21 - Last Call for Angels - detailed status update
Nov 15 - give me an update
Nov 30th - checked in with update
Mailed - DC must be used if mailing on this date or after
December 7 - I have them
I mailed back
You have


123SA -- A:C,V
AWM -- A:#,::MickeyMo; B:R,S;
catinthehat35 -- A:L,W; C:R,H
DisneyRider -- A:A, F; B:F,T, C:A,F
hffmnheidi --B:K,N
hiclarke -- B:V,I; C:K,Q
icesk8abc -- A:O,Z- angeled
Mischief_Managed -- A:I,K
MickeyTeacher -- A:H,N; B:D,H; C:N,Y
mommy2mrb -- A: J,R; B:B,C; C:L,M
Mommyto2Princesses -- A:Q,Y
morgansmom2000 -- C:T,X; A:O,Z
MusicalDisneyDreams -- B:W,Z; C: G,O
Ohana 4 -- A:M,T; B:G,X; C:J,V
Princess Jayne -- A:B,P
PrincessNancy96 -- B:O,Y;
PrincessNancy96 -- C:D,P
Rhondagreene -- A:G,D; C:I,U - needs more posts to PM
threeiscrazy -- A:U,X
wdwmickey -- B:A,L; C:E,S

angels - please ask these swappers first before posting on the open thread for angels.

I want to be sure that everyone is okay with the requirements for this swap. We have new swappers who may not have read through the stickies that discuss how to make the elements and I can always use a refresher myself.

The photo mats must have at least two layers. A minimum of 6-1/4 x 4-1/4 and a shadow of 6-1/2 x 4-1/2. You can add larger layers underneath if you are adding a border or embellishments that hang over. You embellishments must not interfere with the placement of a 6x4 photo. This means you can pop-dot to lift up the embellishment or adhere your ribbon/fiber to the back of the mat. Please test fit your mats to make sure they work okay. This does mean that rub-ons generally don't work well on mats. You may include those to be added on after the photo is down if you wish. I don't have frames as an element because most dies make them so small that you have to cut your photo. I don't want to make some one have to cut a photo to use an element.

The journal boxes will have a minimum of THREE layers. The layer you write on must be at least 3x3. You can start with a larger writing surface if you wish. It can be a solid or lined layer. It works best if this layer is not textured. Then you will have TWO more layers under that. Be sure your layers work with your embellishments. You don't want to cover too much of the writing surface. If your embellishment might do so, start with a larger writing surface.

If you pick the tag element - it must be no smaller than 2x3. I like mine larger, but that is because I love to use up paper. I never reuse the scraps I keep. This should have two layers, an eyelet or brad or fiber/ribbon in the hole. You can also do the stapled on ribbon/fiber over where the hole would be. It also needs to be embellished in addition to the mentioned fiber/ribbon. A pretty brad in the hole doesn't count even if it is nice.

The letter should be cut on the Cricut at 4". Or you can use a punch if it is at least 4" and comes with a shadow. When cutting on the Cricut, it may not come out exactly 4". I have no idea why this is so with some fonts. Even with the shadow it may a bit smaller and that is okay. Your letter should have two layers - top and shadow. If your font doesn't come with a shadow than please use a shape or something else to layer it with. But remember, that doesn't count towards the embellishment unless that shape has at least two layers. The embellishing of letter is not going to be strict nor need to be elaborate. It can be simple - like embossing the top layer, using fancy glitter/glossy/embossed paper, or distressing the layer. You can add Jolee type stickers, Primas, Brads, gemstone/bling, die cuts or icons.

So there are no hard feelings later, I want you all to know that part of my job as hostess is to make sure the basics are met. I don't judge style or techniques. I tend to like those I can't do. I just make sure the basics are met. If they are not, I will be sure to let you know and you can either remake them and send them to me if there is time or on to the swappers in group. It is very rare that such needs to happen. I think so far I have had one person not make enough and they just made the extra elements and I popped them in the baggies and one person did use embellishments that I could not lift up to slide photos under.

If you have questions, you can PM or email or post photos here. Everyone is generous with their praise and they give good advice.

Happy swap making!!


DIS Veteran
Mar 25, 2008
Good morning. May I please have two letters in group A
and in group B could I have P - Pluto and M - for Mickey or Minnie?

Thank you,
  • Ohana 4

    DIS Veteran
    Mar 1, 2005
    Can I have:
    Group A

    Group B
    G - Goofy

    And I'll think of two more later, probably.


    Mama to a Princess - But I'm A Scrap Princess!
    Sep 26, 2004
    Can I have Group A Letters J and R
    Group B Letters B-Belle and C-Cinderella


    DIS Veteran
    May 31, 2009
    Morning Ann!! Can I have letter E in group A and then whatever other letter you want to give me. (i'd just rather not have it too close to the E.) In group B, I'd like to have D for Dumbo and W for Wishes please. Thanks a bunch!
  • Ohana 4

    DIS Veteran
    Mar 1, 2005
    Second letters:

    Group A

    Group B
    Surprise me because I can't make up my mind. Give me a letter and I'll tell you the theme I think of...Can I do that?


    <font color=deeppink>Okay, here I am, out of high
    Feb 1, 2006
    I gave you "J". It was one of the ones I picked for you last night. :)

    I was thinking a Jungle theme would be easy to do. :thumbsup2


    <font color=deeppink>Okay, here I am, out of high
    Feb 1, 2006

    I'm pretty sure the general color one it won't really matter about the letter.


    Scrapbooking queen and food porn princess!
    Apr 3, 2007
    Good Morning!!!

    May I please have:

    Group A: O & Z

    Group B: E--Enchanted Tiki Room & L--Little Mermaid

    Ohana 4

    DIS Veteran
    Mar 1, 2005
    Either Jessie or Jiminy Cricket or Jammin' Jungle Parade I think. I'll have to narrow down a theme now! :rotfl2:


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