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Feb 4, 2000
ok i forgot if i posted this here or not! so if I did already..sorry!
ok i know a few ppl have been wondering(KATIE! :D)so Im finally getting around to it...hehe!
ok well Im going off a DL map so i wont forget to compare stuff!
Main Street USA
I thought they were always the same but they arent! espically after going 10 days between you do notice how different they are...same design but just different shops
ok yeah
WDW-grand and magical
DL-short...some of the cmas decorations blocked it but still cool b/c walt was there to walk by it
the rest of Main Street
DL-has Walt Disney Story where the camera center is at WDW
and also it has the Main Street Cinema and ther Penny Arcade...the cinema is awesome!
well I like WDW..but t
hey are pretty much the same
why do i talk about this?
ok well imagine WDW's with the whole beginning on it...i get the ride now! at DL it tells a story at WDW you are just in it and confuses the heck out of me!
pretty much the same except when i rode it at DL I rode the Holiday version and its cool..but i can kinda remember from the year b4
Disney Gallery
I think its is my thing though..espically disney kind!
Indiana Jones
a very good ride...Ive still never seen a movie of it and I enjoy it...compared to Dinosaur i like it better...DIno just scares me!
havent done Swiss Family in years but i like the treehouse..its interesting
the same to me
Tiki Room
didnt see it this trip to DL but its like the old version of the one at wdw
DL is soooo much shorter...and its weird sitting behind each other....i prefer WDW but its still not bad
a great ride! must have been scary back in its opening days!
ok Ive only done the cmas version but I love it sooo much...Im not sure if its different or not
Dumbo can it be different?!
Peter Pan
pretty good...i like the wdw version of London better but its all good
Snow White
pretty bad...snow white is shown only ends to suddenly
not at WDW but its a cute ride..i enjoy it
StoryBook Canals
wonderful! its sooo cool! :)
Casey Jr.
a really cute ride
Tea Cups
smaller and different types of cups....still fun though..its its outside!
wdw was better but at least there is a one!
Alice in Wonderland
i love this ride! really cute too!
better at DL,hands down! :)
mickey house
ok i havent gone it b/c u gott ameet mickey first..actually i did last year but cant remember...sorry! same with minnies
RogerRabbits Toon Spin
ok now it has doors and such but something weird had to happen b/c you couldnt just fall had to try to get out and get something
Jolly Trolley
how adorable! but make sure to get otu the way!
Gadgets Go-Coaster
ok but I like Barnstormer better
cuter and better than the one at WDW
exact same..minus true colors pre show! :(
i guess its the way that you are sitting but it seems soo much faster!
Star Tours
its weird to see it on the ground!!! i like to look up to
New Orleans Square
i love reminds me POFQ!
Critter Country
no need for it..espcially since Splash is the only ride over there now
i still remember but i liek the wdw version better...but DL is good too..i dont like sitting ont he ground though!
kinda the same..cant get too much different
Mickeys ToonTown
sooooo much better! :D
comparing DL to MK at cmas time
i prefer DL...liek the tree uses really ornaments..wdw used this fake things...decoartions at DL are everywhere...going not at cmas would mess us up! at wdw i wont notice like at all in March..i was disapointed at the decorations at wdw
ok now on to DCA....

ok i like it...its cool looking
soarin' over California
OMG! its the best ride brought tears to my eyes! i was getting off and almost started crying!
the music is on the DCA cd
Grizzly River Run
fun ride! but not to do when its cold!
same thing!
Redwood Creek Challenge Trail
didnt do..looks like a maze!
Bountiful Valley Farm
its interesting..something to when your bored
Tortilla Factory
i found it interesting...then in a little video the lady said ven aca! its means come here..i had learned that the day b4 we
Bread Place
cool...and the bread is good too!
Golden Dreams
didnt get around too! :(
a big flop! my bros fav ride though...i rode it 3 times! :rolleyes:
Disney Animation
coolest thing! i loved it in bro hated it! and it has the one mans dream film that i love! :)
Muppet Vision
same! i love that show! :D
omg! it sound be illgealy to be that good! our drumline does that kind of stuff alot so it was realyl cool..a must see!
California Screamin'
a great coaster! a definate do more than 1 time!
Sun Wheel
omg! scary....the rocking ones are soo scary! lol
Jumpin' Jellyfish
fun...really kiddie...think kid version of a maliboomer!
fun fun fun! i love that shoots you up when you least expect it!
Orange Stinger
its fun!
Golden Zephyr
stupid! stupid! stupid!
Mulholland Madness
didnt get to ride....the line was really long!!
King Tritons Carosel
a carousel with sea!
Im assumming its the same
i like it!! its a great park with great rides and such! we spent the whole day there and still missed stuff(as you can see!)i wanna go ride Soarin' right now!
at DL were bad and DCA no one really...i think thats why i enjoyed it soo much!
pretty much the same! its fun though..its more like a mall..with a bit different shops

ok well i think Im finally done! yay! !only took me about an hour! LOL!...if you have any questions...just ask!
i hope you enjoyed this! hehe! :)
if there are typos im sorry...i cant prove read this..ill fall asleep!


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