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    Aug 25, 2000
    [thought I would post this for anyone who hasn't seen it!!]

    Cashing on the huge popularity of pin trading, Walt Disney World will hold
    its first pin festival at Epcot this summer. The "Pins Around Our World"
    festival, planned for Aug. 9-12 in the former
    Millennium Village building in World Showcase Lagoon, will consist of "four
    days of anything and everything about pins," said Jim Greene, merchandise
    manager for global projects at Walt Disney World.

    "We wanted to reinforce with our guests that with the closing of the
    millennium celebration, pin trading is here to stay," Greene said. "It's
    very popular with our guests."

    The festival will feature a variety of pin-trading events and signings by
    Disney artists, as well as more than 20 new limited-edition pins, ranging in
    price from $8.50 to $15.

    There also will be pins from Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland.

    Disney is hosting a series of smaller pin events leading up to the festival,
    including one last Thursday at the Disney Marketplace in Downtown Disney.
    Expect to see a national advertising campaign begin next month.

    Eventually, the festival could become a major annual event on par with
    Epcot's food-and-wine and flower-and-garden festivals, Greene said.

    Disney pins have been bought and traded since the Magic Kingdom opened in
    1971, but the pin-trading frenzy began in 1999 during the 15-month
    millennium celebration.

    Disney World created limited-edition millennium pins and set up the pin
    stations throughout the parks to encourage trading among visitors, and
    between visitors and employees.

    Most employees, from park executives to greeters, wear lanyards adorned with
    pins and are encouraged to trade with guests.

    They even take classes on pin trading and are among the most avid traders,
    though they can't trade cash with visitors. --- Source: Orlando Sentinel

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