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Earning My Ears
Feb 8, 2002
Hi all!

My DH, a Disney CM , myself and our DS, 18 mo., are going on a four day Wonder cruise. It will be a first cruise for all of us and we are SO excited!!

I have several questions that I hope someone can answer for us:

- Disney CMs sailing on the discount do not recieve cruise documents ahead of time. (We can go pick up copies of the documents to read ahead of time, which DH plans to do). How much extra time should we allow to fill in the documents at the port? Will we have a seperate line to go through for this?

- We are currently assigned to the second dinner seating. We really would like to switch to the early seating. Our cruise is much of a shot do we have at changing? If we can't switch, it will be room service or fast food for dinner...We really don't like eating late and our DS will never make it that late in Flounder's (9:00 is as late as we plan to leave him there). Since we are cruising at a heavily discounted rate :D it really won't be the end of the world if we can't sit down for dinner at night, but it sure would be nice if it worked out. Anyone out there have creative suggestions for us if we aren't able to switch?

- I have a backpack carrier for DS that he and I both love. I would love to get my exercise by walking with him around the deck of the ship. Anyone out there ever done this...just wondering if the balance is weird when the ship is moving.

- Just wanted to clarify...are the outlets on the Wonder (in the cabins) two or three prong? I am a white-noise addict...gotta bring that fan!

Thanks in advance for your help!

I am traveling with the CM discount this time on the Magic on February 23.

We have not received and are not receiving our documents either.

I am not sure how they handle it, and it takes maybe 15 minutes to complete the information.

FYI - we actually found our cabin room numbers on the internet.

That was cool and we have outside cabins with Portholes - so exciting.

The last time we had viranda rooms, but I love the portholes so much better.

Walking with the baby in a back pack should be fine. They have a deck area that you can walk or jog and people usually do that early in the morning. The footing is usually not a problem unless the seas are really rocky.

The prongs in the cabin are two prong - the problem I had was if you had a big end on the plug, there was no way to plug in anything because where they are located. This time I am just going to take a regular extension cord so I can plug in my curling iron.

I am heading on my 5th cruise February 23 and get more excited each time because I know how wonderful it is going to be.

Hi! First let me tell you that you and your family are going to love this cruise!!

It really doesn't take long to fill out your documents..... there is no seperate line but trust me- you will do okay.

We had second seating and liked it..... but were not travelling with the kids (will be in September though!!) I believe that you can be put on a waiting list for first seating..... not sure though since your hubby is a cm..... call and ask...... the worst they can say is "no".

About 10 days from your cruising date if you go to the Disney Cruise Line site you can plug in your ressie # and phone # and should be able to get your room assignment! We were on Deck 1 and loved the area! I would request being down there again!! And I am also a white noise addict and found the gentle hum of the engines PERFECT!:D

Whatever you NOT miss Disney Dreams! We went to a matinee at 3:00 the day we were in Castaway Cay and it was great!! Have fun!!
You may pick up your forms at any Company D location. Just stop by and tell them them that you are cruising, and they will hand you the appropriate # of packets. I would recommend that you fill them in BEFORE you leave, that way you're not scrambling around in the terminal.

Also--we have never had luck finding out our cabin # beforehand. Especially if you are cruising on the "space-available" plan, which means they won't assign your cabin until a day or two before-hand anyway.

As far as dinner goes--CM are always assigned late seating....We've been several times with our young infant, and and have either brought him with us to the table (and he sleeps), or put him in the nursery from 8-10, which works quite well.

Have fun!
Hi...ecmommy. Welcome to the cruise board....first, FYI, any CM related discussions should be kept to the CM ONLY board. You will get much more response to your posts. CM's are not allowed to discuss discounts, etc. on this board. You can gain access to the CM only board by e-mailing Webmaster Michelle.

You will love this cruise. I have been on 4 already and will be on our 5th DCL on 2/23.

But, again, please keep all CM topics to the CM board. Thanks.

Hi ecmommy,

Just my 2 cents, but I brought an extension cord and never used it. My curling iron and hair dryer plugged in fine next to the big mirror (by the tv). I was Mermaid's cabin mate and we were on deck 1 with the outside portholes! I agree, it was great....little to no foot traffic! Have a great time!
Thank you all for your guys are great! I'm so glad I have somewhere to go to get our questions answered!:bounce:


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