Earning My Ears
Jul 6, 2020
We have booked a trip to DLP for June 2021, however I am clueless! This is our first trip as a family, my first holiday since I was a teen! I could do with advice for every aspect to be honest.

1- spending money, how much do I take?
2 - packing, what to take?
3 - anything I've missed?
4 - meal times?

Travel plan below to better advise!

We will be travelling via coach & ferry crossing, 10hrs ish.
Staying at the Hotel Cheyenne for 3 nights.
Breakfast included.
Park hopper tickets.
Fast passes.
Travelling with partner & 7yr old.

Whatever tips, tricks or advice you have, I'd really appreciate it!


DIS Veteran
Feb 5, 2012
1. How much do you love merchandise :) I budget 60 - 70 euro a day for eat & drink. I actually do not care for merchandise, so if I spend money on it, it's max 20 euro.
2. June = Weather will be beautiful, especially when you are used to UK weather ;-) So clothes, go for summer. Pack good shoes & socks as you will be doing a lot of walking.
3. How long have you been away?
4. Lunch 12 - 2, Dinner 6 - 8, I would guess.

Download the app on forehand and familiarize yourself with the park.
With 3 nights, you will have 2 full days and 2 half days? that will be plenty of time to do everything you want, especially if you have bought fastpasses. The summer holidays in France will not have started yet, so if you are going during the week, it should be relatively quiet. Weekend days are busier.

This thread can get you started, there are more links to helpful threads.


Jan 9, 2020
4. Most restaurants open at 11 and stay open until close (which might be before the park closes!). They don't have different lunch or diner menu's, so it wouldn't matter what time of day you're going. If you aren't strict on dining times yourself, you can be a lot quicker if you don't use the typical dining times, but for dinner as in the park, because it's a lot less busy while everybody is in line trying to get food... But this is your own personal preference


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