closest place to activate AP voucher from FT wilderness??

Camping Griswalds

DIS Veteran
Aug 6, 2000
Can I activate our ap passes at ft wilderness?? If not, where is the closest place to get them activated?? Anyone know how long this takes?? We're getting there on a Wednesday around 4 pm and would love to see the castle!!
Hi Camping Griswolds,

I think the easiest place to do this is to
either take the boat to MK or a bus (boone
or crockett) to the TTC. At either place you
can go to guest services and get your AP's

If you're taking the boat to MK, you can stop by guest services in FW, they have an office and a couple windows right next to Pioneer Hall, actually they are attached to PH. I am sure they can help you out.

FW 77,79,81,90,99..Oct 2001!
Can you really get your AP"S activated here? Boy that would be great!!

FW 6/79
Off-site 5/82
Off-site 5/95
PO 3/98
FW 11/99
FW 6/01
FW 12/01
FW 6/02

I sure thought that you could only activate APs at Guest Services at a theme park - can anyone confirm this?
I need to activate my AP for an upcoming trip, and was told that this could be done only at guest services at a theme park. We're staying at FW too, and I was also told that the closest place to activate the pass would be guest services at the MK. Inconvenient, but apparently true. . . Ï


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