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Goofies Rule
Dec 27, 1999
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<title>Timer Countdown In Page</title>
<!-- --><SCRIPT>

//    Browser Compatible for this script: IE 2.0 or Higher
//                                        Netscape 2.0 or Higher

var theDay = new Date("December 4, 2002")  //Date must be in the form Month Day, Year
var DayTill     //The string that is going to put all numbers together and make sense.

function countdown()


var today = new Date()    //Create a variable with today's date
var second = Math.floor((theDay.getTime() - today.getTime())/1000)  //Find the seconds
var minute = Math.floor(second/60)  //Devide "second" into 60 to get the minutes
var hour = Math.floor(minute/60)  //Devide "minute" into 60 to get the hours
var day = Math.floor(hour/24)   //Devide "hour" into 60 to get the days

CDay= day     //Correct day
CHour= hour % 24    //Correct hour, after devide into 24, the remainder deposits here.
CMinute= minute % 60    //Correct minute, after devide into 60, the remainder deposits here.
CSecond= second % 60    //Correct second, after devide into 60, the remainder deposits here.

if (CDay < 0 ) {CDay = "0"; CHour = "0"; CMinute = "0"; CSecond = "0";} //Stop at 0

DayTill =  CDay + " days, " + CHour + " hours, " + CMinute + " minutes and " + CSecond + " seconds "

//Rewrite the string to the correct information.

document.clock.countdown.value = DayTill //Make the particular form chart become "Daytill"

var counter = setTimeout("countdown()", 1000)




<!-- --><BODY onLoad = "countdown()" style="position: absolute">    <! You must have countdown() here to run the script -->
<p align="center">
<font size="6" color="#0000FF"><b>Countdown to Discon 2002</b></font></p>

<!-- --><FORM NAME = "clock">

<p align="center">

<font color="#0000FF"><b><font size="6">Only</font></b></font><p align="center">

 <INPUT NAME= "countdown" SIZE= "56" align="center" style="color: #0000FF; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: bold; font-size:14pt; text-align:center">

<p align="center">

<font color="#0000FF" size="6">Till DISCON 2002</font></b></FORM>
<p align="center"> </p>

Outstanding Patrick!!!!

This definately needs a perm spot at the top of the board.:D :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
<font face="comic sans ms"> Thanks, Patrick. It doesn't look that long to me, but I'm still here. Ask me next week. :D </font>
Hey Pat, this is very cool! We will have to celebrate soon! In nine days we descend to the 200s!
YIPPEE! The airline people think I'm crazy cause I'm booking my flights so far in advance. I'm just anxious, that's all......
This is sliding way too far down the page. TO THE TOP!
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
It'll be here before you know it!!!


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