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    Aug 10, 2002
    I have never been to either one but was considering going to one this year. CKU is here in Houston this year so it would be very convenient and then GASC is in San Antonio which is just a few hours away.
    Whats the difference between the two?
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    Oct 8, 2001
    I have been to gasc here in va several years in a row, sometimes I really liked it and other times it's been pretty bad. (the shopping here in va is never really exciting, it's all stuff I can go to the lss store and buy without paying an enterance fee) this is more of a pick your classes and shop thing than cku I think. I would look at the cku site and see what past classes have been, etc. I would probably lean towards the cku but I think it totally depends what you like. maggie

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    Aug 20, 2005
    I :love: :love: :love: CKU. I have never been to gasc, but although CKU is a little expensive (IMHO) it was well worth it. More so for freebies than anything. I brought home my empty XXL CIS tote crammed full of freebies and I didn't even win any raffles! :earseek: I went to the first CKU- Nashville by myself and had a great time. Met lots of scrappers from around the country and learned a few things, too. The teachers were great, the crops fun (but don't plan on actually cropping, lol), and the atmosphere was amazing.

    To add on what maggie said about shopping, if you want to shop, CKU is not the place to go. There is a travling CKU store, but it is really overpriced and stuff you can find anywhere. At the time I went most of the stuff they had was not even that new, it was 6+ months old products. The best thing about the shopping at CKU Nashville is there were 4-5 stores within 1 hour from Nashville and CKU set up vans to take you there. All of the stores had a list of CKU students and gave discounts or freebies or both. If the CKU was somewhere you have already shopped before then that aspect wouldn't appeal that much to you.

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