CityWalk Question-Need Help


Earning My Ears
Apr 2, 2001
Hi, myself and 10 friends will be at universal this upcoming sunday and monday. Now, we've heard about city walk and some of the people in the group want to stay there until 2 am from the time the universal parks close, the only thing is everyone in the group is either 17/18 and i read that alot of the clubs (or the good ones atleast) will only accept those who are is it a good idea to spend an extra 2-3 hours in there after the parks close? Is it really worth staying there? Oh and will tiffany or mears pick up at 1 or 2 in the morning if they are called an hour before we want to leave? Thanks
Make your arrangements with Tiffany in advance - yes, you can call them 1 hour out to let them know you are ready. You can stay in the restaurants as long as they are open but the younger guys in the group won't be able to go to the clubs. The restaruants close earlier. Check out the link below for restaurant hours under Universal.


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