Christmas shopping- Has anyone started?


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Aug 5, 2013
YUP! We found a few star wars things at the disney outlet and we picked them up for my brother

found a shirt for my dad


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Feb 21, 2002
There is usually one started by now. I have not but am thinking about it.
That's pretty much where I am...even though I still have 2 young enough for toys, I don't think we'll be buying my normal August toy sale buys didn't happen...

We will also have our 1st year staying completely home for I'm trying to decide how to make that special with varying age groups and interests in just my immediate family...

PS - My youngest 2 are also totally into Halloween, which isn't helping...they are insulted if you even mention Christmas, b/c you need to celebrate Halloween I figure Nov 1 will be my launch date for planning this year. I'm gonna take $1200 for presents ($200/kid, $100/spouse (and me), and $200 overall for the 10 nieces and nephews) and probably $600 for "fun/food/festivities" and work on making a good plan. About the only thing all 4 of my kids agreed on is that they want to continue our "Christmas Story" tradition of Peking Duck (and other Chinese) dinner feast ordered in on Christmas day (completely works for my new dairy-free-ness, so this is definitely a go), and they want to see Jumanji at the theater with that's $150 of planning set aside:)...

PPS - If my spouse gets a bonus, I'll raise my budget by $1K for the family split 50/50 between presents and fun (putting the rest in kid college funds)...but not counting on that as I sit here today:)...
  • MGMmjl

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    Oct 5, 2018
    We haven't started in earnest yet, but we have picked up a few things that we saw by chance and thought family members would like.


    May 4, 2018

    What Steve said.....
    Actually , our Christmas was going to be spent with family in the Bahamas, but now perhaps it will turn into a working trip. Or won't happen at all, not sure yet.
    But yeah, I want to enjoy fall and Thanksgiving (don't really care either way about Halloween) and won't really fuss with Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving.
  • Eeyore daily

    Feb 26, 2019
    Yup! Set a budget and everything. I plan on ordering a shirt for my sister tonight so I don't miss out on free shipping!

    Edit: I'm sure my mother has been shopping throughout the year. She does that every time there is a sale.


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    Apr 15, 2005
    DD wants hard sided luggage and so I used my service anniversary points at work to "purchase" her luggage for free. That is all that I have done. I won't do much more until Nov.


    Mar 29, 2019
    Sort of- I have a few things for some people because they went on clearance over the past year (such as an Alex and Ani bracelet for my sister that went on clearance for $10- it’s sold out now, so good thing I bought it back in February).

    I also started writing up a list of different things I can make for gifts this year. Generally I do this with a friend group and sometimes relatives. Since these projects involve some extra time, I have to start early, but at most I’ll decide what I’m doing and buy supplies before Thanksgiving.
  • MomToOne

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    Mar 18, 2010
    I had the best intentions of waiting until November/December this year, but....

    I'm already pretty much done. :duck:

    I picked DD19 up a Roku TV at a Best Buy sale awhile back. I'm not sure what Black Friday is going to be like this year, if the tariffs stay in place, so I figured I'd go ahead and grab it early. It was a really good deal, so at most Black Friday would be a few bucks cheaper. And prices could even be higher then because of the tariffs.

    Otherwise I have gotten her:
    - a bunch of housewares. I figure if I start now, by the end of college she'll have most of what she needs for an apartment (she lives at home now and goes to the local university). This year's theme is baking - I picked up a bunch of stuff that fits that theme (baking sheets, mixer, etc), mostly using rewards points from various programs.
    - a pair of tall Hunter Rain Boots - I got them on a Sam's Club auction for less than $40, including shipping!
    - a Columbia fleece jacket that I got on clearance in the spring for only $20
    - a hammock (all the rage on her campus) - it was cheap on Amazon, and most of the cost was covered by a free gift card I got via Sprint, plus (in a rather shady move) it arrived with a card offering $5 for a review. I was planning to leave a review anyway, and I really was very happy with the product, so I went ahead and took them up on that offer so it ended up being close to free but not quite
    - a small purse I got for free with DSW rewards
    - jumper cables. She's gotten it into her head for some reason that she needs them. She has AAA, so I've told her all she has to do is call them - and it's probably lots safer - but she still wants them. So I grabbed an all-copper wire pair that were decently priced for the quality, although you certainly couldn't call them cheap. But I figured if I was going to buy them, I wanted to buy a pair that would last her nearly forever.

    Other than DD, I really don't have many others to buy for. I give cash to the gardener and my nephews, gift cards to some friend's kids, and just get See's candy for some elderly family friends. I have my sister's name in the sibling name pull, but I already have the makings of her gift (we have a gag gift war, no need for shopping ;))
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    Adventure is out there.
    Dec 9, 2014
    I have some ideas for my daughter and I bought one thing from AKL for my MIL. Other than that, nope.

    Happiest mommy

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    Jun 17, 2008
    I did buy a bunch of glove, hat and scarf sets back in January on clearance for both of my DD's teachers, the aides etc and put those away along with a pair a fuzzy slippers for my sister, thart's all I have so far :)

    Penny McMouse

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    Feb 14, 2019
    I've got my Mom and both nieces done. I only bought theirs because I happened across a 75% off sale that had things perfect for each. Haven't even started on the rest of the family.


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    Jan 17, 2016
    I've picked up a few things--not serious shopping, by any means, but if I see the perfect gift for someone, especially at a place I won't get back to, I grab it.

    One thing I got for my oldest was an alpaca game that was on clearance at Walmart. Alpacas are her favorite, and she's a 4th grade teacher of English language learners--mostly from Central/South America. The game will be perfect for her classroom!


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    Oct 28, 2006
    I’ve gotten started for my 7 year old DD already!

    AG doll Maryellen ordered during Labor Day doll sale. I’m hoping I didnt jump the gun on this one!

    AG books so I’d get the free shipping

    Justice Lap desk and journal practically free using coupons/rewards, also got a few stocking stuffers

    Dance suitcase thing for competitions that went on sale on Amazon

    I’ll probably add some clothes and another fun thing, but she’s close to done!

    We booked a night at the new Great Wolf Lodge opening soon as a family gift.

    And I’ve got nada for my 9 year old DS! Boys are harder!


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    Feb 27, 2015
    Heck yeah! I have a "nun-ya" box. AKA: none of your business box. As I find fun things I slowly add to the box. Also if I'm out with my adult kids, they point out something, I get it and into the box it goes. Come December, I'm DONE!! and still have money!


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    Mar 30, 2017
    I'm in the group that shops throughout the year, but i'm slacking this year. I think all I have so far is a gift for my MIL. But most of my gifts this year will honestly probably be giftcards.


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    May 24, 2005
    I browsed around Target yesterday and really saw nothing for any of my kids. I'm hoping to do a lot more experience type stuff this year but I say that every year.


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