child restraint question


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Feb 4, 2001
i remember a thread about child restraints but i couldnt find what i was looking for when i did a search. anyway, someone had posted that they had something called a handsfree tether. it was a restraint that goes around your waists instead of on your wrists. if anyone knows what i am talking about can you please tell me where to get one?
thank you


Hi I have 2 of these could not live without them(2&3 yo) They are called the Tag Along and tou can get them at I think they also have them at the Safty First stores.
Good luck
I have the Safety First child harness. I bought it at Babie R Us. It has worked great! My 2yr is large for his age and very strong. And boy does he pull! The velcro has never even made a noise - so no chance of it coming loose. The straps were adjustable - even over his big winter coat. The hand strap was a little long so I just doubled it into 2 loops.
thank you for answering my question!




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