Character Audition Acceptance?


Earning My Ears
Mar 25, 2015
I think the date was Feb. 27th when Disney Cruise Line held character auditions! There was an audition in LA, then two in NYC and another in Canada. I went to the LA audition and danced my way to the very last round of auditions! They took my photo, information, everything!… The casting directors said we'd hear from them within 3 weeks. It's now going on 4 weeks and I'm concerned. I understand its Disney and they can take their time and be as picky as they want… especially after having four different auditions for the cruise lines… I was really just wondering if its actually normal for them to take this long. Or if this time means that I'm rejected. Does Disney send rejection emails or anything so I don't get my hopes up? Will I hear anything? THANKYOU
You will hear regardless. My friend applied for the College Program and it took about a few weeks longer to hear back from them than what they originally said!

I had the same experience as you in NY. Im still waiting. As far as I know in my experience, I applied twice for the Disney ICP and I was accepted and my friends who didn't make it they got rejections emails . Also if during the audition the 70% who where cut off, knew that the answer was NO, so it sounds logical that they would let us know if we are accepted or rejected. The cruises we auditioned are for June and July so we still have some more extra magical time to wait...
good luck!
I know my experience as a vocalist auditioning for Disney consisted of doing the initial audition. The casting directors were granting callbacks on the spot so there was no waiting or question.

I've never known an company the size of Disney to send out "thanks but no thanks" emails.


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