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Jul 24, 2002
Now that I have calmed down about this whole CBR mess I'm trying to prepare and figure out what our next choice is (if we get one). Mind you we will be there on our honeymoon and it's our first time for both of us since we were children and neither of us have ever stayed on property before. We would like to stay somewhere relatively quiet and peaceful but we don't want to sacrifice the fun either. Unfortunately my FI is in a snit because he doesn't like the sound of the other moderates (he wanted a beach) so that leaves me with the decision and I just can't decide. Could you all give me recommendations on which other moderate would be the best for honeymooners who are in desperate need of a vacation? Thanks so much.:(


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May 29, 2002
I haven't stayed at the moderates, but it sounds to me like you'd want one of the Port Orleans. Although there's no beach, there is a river boat cruise to Downtown Disney which seems just as relaxing as a beach.

I've heard the grounds are beautiful at the Riverside Bayou section, but I would imagine there'd be more families there because I believe it's the only moderate that accomodates 5 people. The mansions are beautiful from what I've seen, but the sheer size of the resort would be too much I think.

The French Quarter is supposedly very quaint, and very beautiful, and smaller than Riverside, and this would probably be the one I would pick in your position.

Coronado Springs will probably have more families because I think the water areas have lots more kid activities, so I think it'd be a bit noisier at this resort.

These are just my ramblings and supposings. I'm sure that people who have stayed in these resorts will have more helpful, more accurate info. I don't think it'll matter in the end. I think you'll have a wonderful honeymoon. :)


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Apr 5, 2002
I would agree with Dan. POR (either FQ or Riverside) would be great. CS is family-oriented, but don't ignore its pluses.

My DW and I stayed at CS one year. It has a terrific big pool and a couple of very nice quiet pools. When we were there we often had the quiet pools to ourselves or shared them with 2 or 3 other couples. All the families headed for the big pool first.

The walkway around the lake is very romatic in the evening, especially with the moon reflecting off the water. Makes for a terrific, romatic, cozy walk for two...

There are hammocks along the "beach" area (by the lake) that are great for a lazy afternoon in the sun...

Bus stops are fairly evenly spaced (for the size of the resort) and if they are too far, you can usually drive to the stop. My DW and I learned this after a couple of days of trekking back from the bus stop with sore, tired feet!

CS as a moderate choice does offer a lot for honeymooners, so I'd recommend giving it some thought if you are offered it.


Apr 24, 2000
DH and I stayed once at POFQ for a romantic week without the kids. I thought it was lovely, quiet, and romantic. Loved the boat ride to DD. It was small and a short walk to everything. We had a king bed room that was very nice. I would recommend POFQ for a honeymoon.


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Mar 9, 2001
I can uderstand you desire for the beach, but I certainly thin you'll be happy at either of the other moderates. I was booked at POR back in December and pitched a fit when they tried to move me to CBR! The pools there are nice, but the restaurant area was really lacking (also we had small kids, and it is very spread out, as is CSR). They were able to move us to the Wilderness Lodge, which was great.

CSR is nicer than CBR too IMO, but is very spread out, although it does have a large pool area.

I'd go for POR and then just hang out at Typhoon Lagoon for your beach fix!


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Jul 2, 2001
I like CBR, but couldn't say that the beaches have much to do with that, after all you can't swim in the lake.

CSR's Cabanas area would have the closest tropical setting.

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Sep 28, 2000
We found CSR to be very romantic - in fact, it was the first time that DH suggested anything along the lines of "We should really come back here for a few days without the kids!".

A stroll along the water at night is just...well, magnificent!

Good luck on whatever resort you choose.


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Aug 21, 2001
Well, if a beach is important your choices are the GF, Poly, Contemporary, WL, YC and BC. Of these I would choose the WL for a couple.

If a moderate is your cup of tea, I have stayed at CS, POR and POFQ. I would vote for the mansion section of POR. Magnolia Terrace and Oak Manor seem to be the most popular buildings. The mansions are beautiful landscaped, the buildings remind one of the pre-Civil War South and the resort is well run. :p


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May 5, 2002
While I'm not impacted by this, I've read quite a bit about it.

I would suggest this: Keep the current reservations. In time, Disney will contact you regarding the situation and offer you an alternative. It may be in a comparable level resort or perhaps an upgrade to a delux with a slight increase in the current charge. It may end up being a far better deal than you could hope to get with a code.

On the other hand, either you or your fiance (whoever is not on the current reservation) can make an alternate reservation at the resort of your choice. Book the space, so you have a "set" alternative should the offer Disney extends isn't so good. Make sure you book via some means where you have the 4-5 day cancellation policy so you can be sure to recover your desposit should the 2nd reservation not work out.

This way you're covered in both cases. My guess is that Disney is hurting enough that they don't want 2110 angry families walking off with all that potential revenue. I believe that they'll try to accomodate you somehow and the offer they make may be worth the inconvenience.

At any rate, good luck and I hope both the wedding and honeymoon are awesome.


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