Candlelight Dinner Pkg ??

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by irish dancer, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. irish dancer

    irish dancer DIS Veteran

    Jul 25, 2004
    I know they are beginning reservations for the CP dinner pkgs on July 2. We are looking at Thurs Nov. 29th, how hard will it be to get a ressie? Is this like CRT, do I need to be poised by the phone at 6:59a on Monday? I'm hoping not as it will be 5:59a here and I'm so not a morning person especially on summer vacation but I'll do what I have to.
  2. mommapoppins

    mommapoppins Disney Lovin' Daycare Provider

    Jan 24, 2006
    I was wondering the same thing. Our date is Christmas Day though so I am going to be on the phone at 6:30 am, just in case.
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  4. SnowWtch

    SnowWtch DIS Veteran

    Oct 2, 2006
    I'm wondering if it's worth the price. I'm not really into the actual show but was wondering if it was a better deal than getting food from the regular menus and paying the regular price. We're AP so not on the DDP. Any thoughts?
  5. beattyfamily

    beattyfamily DIS Cast Member<br><font color="purple">Has Oodles

    Jul 13, 2000
    IMHO, I think it my be cheaper buying the food individually. If you don't normally eat an appetizer or a dessert then I think OOP will be cheaper. It also depends on where you want to eat too. I think the package is only worth it if you really want to see the show and are afraid it will be full due to a popular narrator or busy day (like Christmas Eve/Day).

    HERE are the menus and prices for restaurants at Epcot.

    Below are the CP package prices:

    Package includes a non-alcoholic beverage.
    Package does NOT include tax, gratuity or lobster entrees.

    Tier 1
    Seating 1 - $27.99 plus tax & gratuity / (3-9) $12.99 (Lunch)
    Seating 2 & 3 -$32.99 plus tax & gratuity / (3-9) $14.99 (Dinner)

    The Garden Grill Restaurant - Land Pavilion
    Biergarten - Germany Pavilion

    Tier 2
    Seating 1 - $36.99 plus tax & gratuity / (3-9) $12.99 (Lunch)
    Seating 2 & 3 - $42.99 plus tax & gratuity / (3-9) $14.99 (Dinner)

    San Angel Inn - Mexico Pavilion
    Restaurant Marrakesh - Morocco Pavilion
    Nine Dragons - China Pavilion
    Rose & Crown - United Kingdom Pavilion

    Tier 3
    Seating 1 - $41.99 plus tax & gratuity / (3-9) $12.99 (Lunch)
    Seating 2 & 3 - $47.99 plus tax & gratuity / (3-9) $14.99 (Dinner)

    Chefs de France - France Pavilion
    Tutto Italia - Italy Pavilion
    Le Cellier Steakhouse - Canada Pavilion
    Mitsukoshi Teppanyaki Dining Room - Japan Pavilion
    Coral Reef - The Living Seas Pavilion
  6. beattyfamily

    beattyfamily DIS Cast Member<br><font color="purple">Has Oodles

    Jul 13, 2000
    Yes, you really should book it ASAP since you want Christmas Day. Gary Sinese is very popular and it's a holiday.

    It's also important to call early/ASAP if you want a popular restaurant like Le Cellier and especially if you are a party of 2. They don't have very many tables for two.
  7. Dana49

    Dana49 <font color=FF3300>No longer lonely without a tag<

    Apr 8, 2000
    We're planning on attending the 8:15 P.M. show on November 29. Maybe we'll see you there. Try to book the CP as soon as you can, but you don't have to call in right at 7:00 A.M. Right now, the reader for that evening has not been scheduled. Hopefully, we'll have someone very good. Good luck!
  8. Hugpug


    Mar 2, 2001
    It really depends on the place you want to eat at and the guest speaker is.Except of course Christmas Eve and Day. For these you need to book ASAP. I see prices have really jumped up from last year.
  9. Connears

    Connears Connears

    Mar 14, 2003
    We had no problem getting CP for christmas eve last year. I did not call the first day I could, but very soon after(2 days, maybe).The only thing that I don't like is that you have to eat before the show becasue they give you your pass at the restaurant. We had to eat at 4:00pm for the 6:45pm show. We ate at Teppanyaki and it was fine because it was our arrival day and we had late breakfast and this was a late lunch/early dinner. Liked it better when you could eat after the show, IMHO.

    By the way, Gary Sinese is really made the holiday for us. We have done CP 3 times and don't know if we are taking the time this year, although we do have adr for Le Cellier now for christmas eve and may try to change to have CP.
  10. Kata

    Kata DIS Veteran

    Feb 27, 2005
    I plan on being up and ready to get my CP ADR for Le Cellier as soon as their phone lines open. I really want my CP package for Le Cellier and am willing to give up my sleep to get it. I am not sure if the other restaurants get booked up as quick but Le Cellier is hard to get even without it being a CP package,especially for only one person like myself:)

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