Cancelling/modifying hotel room at SDL


Jun 17, 2014
We had to rearrange our dates a little for our trip. (The good news is that it means two days at Toy Story Hotel instead of one. The bad news is mostly the mourning of my elegant non-retracing-steps travel schedule and one less flight to pay for, but no big deal. Much better than when I thought we would have to scrap the whole thing - but I digress!) I was able to book the new dates with no problem, and the hotel room is listed as being refundable up to a certain date, but it says I can't cancel the old date or roll it into the new reservation online or by email - I have to call. Does anyone have experience with this? How much time should I set aside to deal with it (and how much of a hassle is it )? How did you call - Skype, I assume? TIA. I'm apparently the world's least-tech-savvy millennial so this is oddly new to me.


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Sep 8, 2006
I had the same issue. I called using Skype. You need to add funds to your Skype account and then you just use the app on your phone and it is like a normal phone call. Works great!

I remember the phone call being 10 minutes or so, but I also booked my new room in that phone call. It was quite easy and the CM spoke good English.


Jan 27, 2011
I had to do the same and just used our home line through Vonage which was like 2 cents per minute calling China. Mine was a little more complex as I cancelled my old reservation and added a new one and then linked it to a pass to get a better discount. It took 30 minutes to get that done, but cost me only 60 cents for the phone call.


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