Can you stand another Connections question?


Aug 19, 1999
I read through the great thread, but still have a question. On the Mousesavers site it lists prices for 4 day plus passes and 5 day plus passes, but not for 5 day hoppers without the plus feature. Is it 10% off the price of any tickets or are just the ones listed available through Connections?

Also, has anyone here experienced any of the problems warned about on the Mousesavers site? (shipping or billing problems) I live in a small town and don't have regular access to any of the restaurants or stores listed(no, not even Blockbuster)so I would definitely be cancelling my membership after the trial 30 days. My conscience is having some problems with that. Can anyone make me feel ok about it?

I haven't tried Connections (yet), but the 30 day trial is THEIR prgram and when they initiated it, that's one of the risks run, that people join, use and then cancel. They're placing the bet that people will stick with it. That's their choice.
You can only order what they have bought in bulk from Disney, and that would be Hopper Plus passes. I have placed two orders from Connections during my trial period, without any real problems - the customer service people are not always able to tell you if something has shipped or not, which was worrisome when I was going to leave in a couple days, but my vouchers got here. They also allowed me to ship to a different address.

I am canceling during my trial period - I really don't eat or shop at the establishments they offer discounts to with the exception of WDW. I don't feel bad, as they buy their media discounted, and they are making money off my purchases - money they wouldn't have made if they didn't offer the 30 days for $1.

Good luck,


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