can you go to the campfire if you are a WDW resort guest?


Earning My Ears
Mar 4, 2001
... I thought this sounded fun, if we can do this, where to we park, what time should we be there and what else could we do besides eating there?
You sure can. We stayed at All Stars. You park as if you are going to Hoop De Doo or River Country. Catch one of the inside buses, and get dr opped off at the Meadow. We got there about 7:30, and did a little shopping first. We bought our s'more stuff (with sticks)at the tading post, although you can also buy marshmellos and snacks at the snack bar at the campfire. They have a nice little fire for cooking your stuff..although I'm surprised at how little attention some of the parents were paying as their children swung aroudn the burning marshmellows. We started to feel like babysitters.
Chip and Dale signed autographs, and they had a nice sing along with a guitar playing gal. They called the kids with birthdays up, and my grandson told her that his was the seek before and they invited him up. He was pleased as punch.
We didnt' stay for the movie, but caught another bus for pizza up at the restaurant, and went to the beach to watch the light parade. Took a bus back to our car.
thanks for your tips. I meant to say, though, if you are NOT staying on WDW property. Can we ride that inside bus you were talking about?
Technically, the campfire program is only for WDW Resort Guests - but they never "card" people. But, they do have the right to do this - as well as checking for ID's on the bus - but I've never seen it done.

- Rhonda :-)
Camping Board Co-Moderator
When we stayed of site, we checked in at the campground (where you park your car) and asked if we could take a look around. They have never had a problem with it. I dont' see why you would even have to do that.
Although we usually have a resort card in our window, many times, it has been on the seat..and no one has ever asked us if we were staying anywhere. You don't have to be a resort guest to eat there at the tavern or the HoopDee Doo, so I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem.
thanks for the help. I'm excited to check out Ft.Wilderness, I told my husband last night, "maybe we could try camping there next time", he was actually open to the idea! Nothing like planning your NEXT trip before you go on the first trip!!! We are staying with friends that live about 10 minutes from Disney in Orlando. (our free Bed and Breakfast!!) but next time, we hope to maybe stay onsite, rent a home or do FW.
Ya all make it sound so relaxing and diffent from the fancy, money spending group at the other resorts.
It is much more relaxing! It's a whole different atmosphere than staying at one of the other resorts. You don't feel as "rushed". :D

- Rhonda :-)
Camping Board Co-Moderator


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