can someone please define these for me?

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    Ive been reading and reading about resale vs direct, loaded vs stripped, financing vs dash, rift, etc etc, trying to to my homework. I came across these as items (besides cruises) you cannot book with resale points: Concierge Collection, the Disney Collection or the Adventurer Collection. However, I cant find any definitions to tell me exactly

    what those collections are/mean. What precisely am I losing by buying resale? What are those collections?

    Thank you.

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    The "Disney collection" means booking Disney's hotel rooms using your points.
    The Adventure Collection means booking Adventure by Disney (traverls around the world) using points.

    It would be nice to be able to book those stays using points, if the points charts weren't so high. It is common thought here on the Disboards that booking a Cruise, an hotel room or an ABD using points is really a poor value for your points.
    You can rent your points and use the cash to book the same travel and have money left to use during vacation.

    Yes, it adds a little of flexibility buying resale, but it's not worth it to pay double per point to have that flexibility.

    However, we don't know what will happen in the future. Disney can change the rules when they want to introduce more limitations in the future against people who bought resale.
    The golden rule with DVC is: buy if you plan to stay regulary in a Disney resort. That will be the best value and cannot be taken away.
    If you plan to use timeshare exchange often, there are other timeshares that will cost you less (even almost free) and have higher exchange power.
    If you plan to go cruise or ABD use your cash money instead.
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    Disney Collection is DCL and non DVC Disney resorts that do not have a DVC attached that are at a moderate or higher level including options at places like Disney Paris.

    Concierge is a collection of world class hotesl/resorts, the list is fairly short now days at 12, it's been around 20 most of the years I've been a member. It includes examples like the Del Coronado and Sagamore.

    ABD is an inclusive type escorted tour package like safari's and the like.

    All you lose resale is those options and as noted, the costs are generally so high as they're doing you a favor preventing you from using points for them. All you're guaranteed resale is to book DVC resorts but in spite of what some may say, you are guaranteed access to other DVC resorts besides your home resort.

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