Can Pres. Choice ATM Card be used at Disney?


Earning My Ears
Jul 24, 2002
I have a President's Choice Bank card and I was wondering if anyone would know if they can be used at the bank machines at Disney and universal.

They don't have the PLUS/Cirrus symbols on the back of the cards and I've emailed PresChoice but they can't tell if it'll work there or not.

I wasn't planning on using my bank card much because of the high fees outside of the country but I get paid midway thru my trip so it would be nice to be able to access that money if I need to!

I hope somebody can help me with this, it would be such a weight off my mind either way.


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Jun 28, 2000
Can't help you with your question, fresheggs, but I did want to welcome you to the Canadian DIS board!

<marquee><center> :wave: W E L C O M E :wave:</center></MARQUEE>


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Nov 19, 1999
Welcome to the DIS fresheggs! LOL...... luv your name!:wave:

We've been PC Financial members for about 6 years (since it first came out) and no they aren't set up for US debits. But they probably will be in the future. We always take travellers cheques with us and a small amount of cash plus our PC Mastercard....gotta love all those PC points!If you need to. set yourself up with a PC Mastercard and then you can do cash advance until you get home or set yourself up with online banking and have your pay (or whatever amount you think you'll need) transferred right into your Mastercard account and then you'll have a credit balance to work with.:D

Hope this helps and have a great trip!;)


Mar 3, 2002
The official word is that they don't guarantee that the card will work outside of Canada, however, it does work in some American banking systems, depending on what system they are using. If they are on the Plus network, it will work, and I believe with Cirrus as well. I know some customers have used it successfully in some parts of Europe and I believe Australia, however there is no guarantee, so pack some other plastic just in case.


Earning My Ears
Jul 15, 2002
I have used my PC Financial card in ATMs in Buffalo and Florida before, but I don't remember which banks they were.

Go here:

Then select "Find the nearest CIBC or CIBC/Amicus bank machine". You'll see on the new pop-up window, that the bank carries the Cirrus and Plus logos.

So any bank machine on either of these two systems should be fine.

Hope that helps put you at ease. :rolleyes:


<font color=purple>I'm a born traveller!<br><font
Nov 19, 1999
I emailed PC last night and this is their reply:

Thank you for taking the time to write President's Choice Financial. Please
accept our apologies for the delay in responding to your message. We are
working hard to reply to everyone as quickly as possible.

President's Choice Financial cannot guarantee access to bank machines or
complete debit card purchases outside of Canada. There are some issues that
may prevent access to your accounts while traveling abroad. These are as

· The foreign bank machine does not recognize the designation of the account
you are attempting to access. At times, "Savings" is not accepted as an
appropriate account either. We do recommend that clients ensure that the
main account they wish to use while traveling is evident in the "Chequing"
position on their bank card.
· The foreign bank machine has withdrawal limits in place and the attempted
withdrawn amount exceeds those limits.
· Attempted withdrawn amount exceeds daily maximum limit allowable on your
account because foreign exchange rates are not being considered.

President's Choice Financial recommends that you travel with traveler's
cheques or foreign currency, in addition to credit cards and your bank card.
Traveler's cheques and foreign currency are available from President's
Choice Financial by calling us directly at 1-888-723-8881. Assistance is
available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I hope this information will be useful to you. Thank you for visiting


Earning My Ears
Mar 8, 2000
Good Friday Morning fresheggs,

I used my PC bank card in the bank machine at Wilderness Lodge this past May. It worked just fine. I think I was charged $2.00 by the bank machine and $3.00 by PC financial. It's great to have in a pinch but for $5.00 service charge, I'm going to try and be more organized when I go in December.

Have a great day!!


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