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Jan 12, 2001
First I must say how much I've enjoyed this site. Our first visit to us/ioa is planned feb. 15 - 19, 2001 and I've already purchased the 3 day passes. I think I've gained a wealth of knowledge about ioa through this site and I've loved reading the discussion forums. Anyway, we have a camper and I'm looking for a campground near us/ioa and I haven't been able to find one less than 20 miles away. Plus, it's hard to know how nice a place is just by the name, and that seems to be as much information I can get. Also, please don't recommend Ft. Wildneress at DW, I've checked the web site and the prices are too high. Thanks for your help. :)

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The number of RV sites in the area has dropped in recent years. There used to be two right down the road from Universal, but have since gone away. There are some places in the Kissimmee area, the only others that I am aware of are out west or out east. I can't think of one that's not 20 miles away.
Did you check Ft.Wilderness's campground or their cabins? The Campgrounds start at $49 and if it's Disney's you CAN be sure that they're nice.


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sorry, but just had to let you know that we are staying at FT. Wilderness from Jan 23-Feb 5 2001. Our orrigional rate was 39.00 per night for a full hook up in a preffered loop. We now have AP's and the price is 31.00 per night. I was wondering if this was still too high?? You should maybe call again, because if you just want a partial hookup on a non preferred loop, it is probably even cheaper.


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