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Earning My Ears
Mar 1, 2001
I am booking my reservations for the fall (October) and simply used my regular travel agent and got a regular price of $149.00 US per night at Port Orleans - Riverside.
I have been reading about all the discounts people seem to get - makes me feel dumb because in fall of 1999 (my first visit!) I just paid what the travel agent said to pay!
Anyway, does anyone know whether my CAA membership will get me a discount? I read about AAA helping US discount hunters. I called CAA but the first person I spoke with was very little help on this one and I am wondering whether it is worth followup.
I would do some more checking. I'm going in a month and purchased tickets at a discount (may not be available when you go, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I go a Florida travel book from them and there are hotel discounts galore. You might want to invest in an "Entertainment Book" (they have a web site too) some deals in there as well.

I'm seriously considering ''. I've been reading about a lot of great deals and I hate to get ripped off!

Have a great trip!
I have had major problems with my branch of CAA but reading this forum I have learned to check out other branches. I had called my Ottawa branch's 1-800 and was given nothing but attitude. I got on the net and found another branch and called Mid Western Ontario 1-800 number. I receive a lot of info from a helpful "Pat" on the other end of the line.

So yes, check out CAA but try different branches until you get the answers that you know are out there. I knew what I was looking for through reading this forum but to get a CAA travel agent to do some research on their end is a different story.

Leaving for Florida on April 5th. Thanks to CAA a family of nine is doing Universal studios, Islands of Adventure, City Walk, Seaworld, and Busch Gardens for 202.52 CAD per person.

Also Marlin Travels prices are a close second or the same to CAA.

:eek :eek:
Hi Shellh - When I have been able to get a CAA discount it's been by calling CRO directly rather than going through a CAA office. Two trips ago I was enquiring about the (now obsolete) Magic Kingdom Club discount and the CAA discount. All of the MKC rooms had been taken, but there were still CAA (AAA) rooms available at CBR. At the time of year (January) we were booking the discount rate was 20% for either one.

Hope this helps.



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