BWV Studio availability - June 2002


No Chick Flick Moments
Jun 24, 2000
Yep - I'm planning my trips to WDW wwwaaayyyy to far in advance ;) . Anyhow, as an owner at OKW what would be my chances of getting a studio at BWV in early june 2002 ? We are thinking about splitting a 2-week stay around several resorts, and starting off with a studio. I know this is the old 7 month / 11 month thing, but I just wanted to get an idea of what my chances were from others who have tried to book that type of room at BWV at that time of year within the 7 month timeframe. Thanks !


<a href="" targ
Jul 24, 2000
Scott, I am also an OKW member. Last year in May, I got a studio at BWV for the beginning of June, using my holding points at the 30 day window.

Last week, on the spur of the moment, I called MS to request days at BWV during the Food and Wine show. Dates were available in October and in November. (Studios, included.) I decided to take 3 days in a sv 1 Bedroom. So, off DH and I go for a wonderful magical stay in just about 7 months!


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