BWV Preferred vs Standard View


Aug 19, 1999
I am trying to determine whether to book 2 standard view studios or 2 preferred view studios at BWV. I am taking relatives along for this trip.

For the 2 studios, a preferred view would be 22 pts more. Since there are no guarantees for a Boardwalk view, is it really worth spending the extra points?

I know there are fewer standard views availabe. I am making the assumption that I will book at 11 month window and be able to obtain standard view if I want.

Please provide some opinions.

I'd go with the standard view. They are actually pretty nice, and I got tired of never getting a bwv after I requested it on 5 different trips!
It really depends on what you like. We don't spend that much time looking out the balcony while we are there, so the standard view is fine, just harder to get.
Standard view should be fine and certainly save the points. I called day-by-day to be sure of getting standard view studio for spring break 2002, requesting a room away from the elevator to reduce the traffic past the door.


Given the choice we usually go for the standard view. We have had a preferred view once, but honestly the view of the quiet pool was just as nice as the one we had of the front entrance. We've never had a Boardwalk view so I can't really compare. If it'll help you decide, there are photos of our different views on our website. Just click on the link at the end of this post and then again on 'Boardwalk'.
For our upcoming trip we changed our mind and switched from a preferred studio to a standard 1-bedroom. I guess it all boils down to whether you feel the need to conserve points or not.


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