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Feb 21, 2002
My husband and I are going in December and are currently booked in a studio at BWV. We are thinking of splurging and going with a deluxe concierge room at BWI. We have stayed at the BWV several times, so we love the area, but have never stayed at the BWI in either standard or concierge. Realizing that it is certainly a matter of personal preference, I would love to get some opinions on BWI concierge and whether it is worth the added expense. Thanks for your help!


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May 21, 2004
We stayed in a BWI deluxe concierge room in Oct 2004 and I would definitely recommend it! Here's a little info:
Most of the concierge rooms are on I think it was the 5th floor but a few, including ours, are on the 4th floor. It seemed like a bit of a hike to the concierge lounge because of how spread out the elevators at BWI are but after a day or two we found a little stairway to use as a shortcut. Next time I would request to be on the same floor as the lounge. The concierge lounge itself was lovely but a little small but it has a very nice balcony which faces the garden area and from one side of the balcony we could see Illuminations. The food selection and service were excellent. At breakfast they had bagels, croissants, danish, muffins, cereal, fruit, juices, milk, and tea and coffee. During the day there were only snacks (chips, pretzels, goldfish), soda, and tea and coffee. And in the evening there was a selection of desserts and tea/coffee. We used the concierge most days for a quick breakfast and a few times in the evening for coffee or a sweet fix. And the staff was terrific. In fact, I contacted the concierge by email before our trip for help in getting an Illuminations cruise (after striking out 3 mornings in a row) and they came through!! They also helped make some priority seatings for us and I saw them help out other guests with transportation problems.
As or our room, it was very nice and large and had a spectacular view of the boardwalk and lake. (I think we were just above the bakery). It was not noisy and the only negative comment I would make is that it was very far to the elevators. We had the "deluxe" room with 2 queens and a pull out couch. There were 2 TVs, one near the beds and the other near the couch but the room wasn't divided in the way that the deluxe rooms at WL are so it didn't feels like a suite as much as it just felt like a very spacious hotel room.
Overall, with the help we got from the concierge staff, the money we saved on the breakfasts and snacks that we had in the lounge, and the size of the room (and it's great view) we felt that it was well worth the extra $$$. :wave:


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May 5, 2002
It's one of the best concierge services on the grounds after YC, IMHO.

When we stayed, some of the appetizers included: Chocolate covered strawberries, Chicken Wellington, Lobster turnovers, Swedish meatballs and other great offerings.

The lounge is gorgeous, you can even see the Epcot fireworks from the left side of the balcony in the lounge.

Great service and wonderful staff.


May 30, 2004
One thing to remember is that even though your getting concierge service, the room you get will not be as good as a villa, especially if you are used to getting a 0ne-bedroom. On one of our last trips, we checked out of the a 1-bed at BCV and into the AKL conceirge. We werent at the AKL for more than a few hours and we wanted to go back to our room at the BCV. We loved the concierge service and the rooms at AKL, but they were so expensive and you got so much less.

Just somthing to consider.

Enjoy your trip!!! :sunny:


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Jan 21, 2004
We are making our first trip to the BWI concierge in August for our anniversary. The planning office staff is AWESOME. They have gotten all our requests for us, including the Breathless for an Illuminations cruise on our anniversary. I would say go for it if it is just you and your DH, our room at Poly concierge was fine for five of us plus a baby in a crib!


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Mar 29, 2004
I just returned from a trip at BWI and our trip was AWESOME!!!! I wouldn't hesitate trying this CL at all. I never made it back in time to see what they had for desserts, but breakfast and snacks were just as described by ellenmiele. The IPO was top notch and scored many last minute ressie's for my mother and I after we had slight change in plans. The staff in the lounge were just as sweet to deal with and they were always so personable. Even the mousekeeping staff were cheery! My mom and I both loved it here and we plan to return again (hopefully sooner than later). :rotfl: :goodvibes


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Feb 21, 2002
Thanks all for the replies - definitely gives us something to think about. Dennis, yes, I agree - if we had a 1 bedroom, I wouldn't even think about changing, but so far we haven't been able to get one for our dates. I'll keep trying though.

Thanks again for the info and I welcome any additional opinions.


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Jul 20, 2003
We love the BWI deluxe concierge room. It is very spacious with a lot of closet space. The CMs in the lounge are great, as are the IPO CMs. It's our favorite palce to stay at WDW - the service is wonderful and the resort is beautiful.


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