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    ok so the title was just to get your attention.

    two young adults on the disney wonder, sailing march seventh, both female, and i have never been on a cruise but she has.

    we are booked for the kyaking (sp) in castaway, and other than that, the exotic rasul, and palo i have NO idea what to do. :confused3

    are the spa massages/facials worth it? :confused:what would be a good excursion for nassau without taking up a large chunk of the day? what are the good things to do aboard and which dining place should i skip in favor of palo? what day should i have the fruit and cheese platter delivered to our room?

    whats offered in room service?:goodvibes

    i have been "prowling" for two weeks, and these are the questions i have found not already answered. if they were, i missed it. i am 20 and she is 24. thanks!:grouphug::cheer2:
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    This thread will get you started with room service items:
    Order a cheese plate everyday, why choose which day to order one or two?!? :)

    You can read the shore excursions reviews that are listed in the FAQ sticky at the top of the boards.
    YOu can also look over the Navigator's to see what if offered each day to see what you would like to do onboard.

    You won't know your dining rotation until you board the ship so if you make a Palo reservation online you won't know which restaurant you will be missing.

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